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Do’s And Don’ts Of Using Commercial Garbage Disposal

You can avoid the commercial garbage disposal issues if you do a few things recommended by commercial appliances repair services as well as avoid some things. Following tips will help you in this regard.

Do’s of Commercial Garbage Disposal to Avoid Issues

Do Keep it Clean

The garbage disposal is bound to get gunk and this also causes a sort of unpleasant smell. However, you can avoid this issue if you keep the commercial garbage disposal clean. You can also use a cup of ice cubes and dish soap for cleaning the garbage disposal. This will surely improve cleanliness.

Do Keep Granular Bits Out of it

There are a number of things that you should never put into the commercial garbage disposal. Some of these granular bits include coffee grounds, eggshells, popcorns and bits of plastic and glass. According to commercial appliance experts, these bits get stuck and cannot be removed easily. This will cause more issues for cleaning the garbage disposal.

Do Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions

It must be understood that each commercial garbage disposal is different. Therefore, they come with unique guidelines and instructions. Every manufacturer has its own tips which must be followed when it comes to cleaning and using the garbage disposal at commercial levels.

Do Install Garbage Disposal Professionally

Everyone needs to follow proper installation steps when it comes to the commercial garbage disposal. Proper installation of commercial garbage disposal is highly important in order to avoid any future issues and maximize the use of the disposal. You should seek help from the appliance installation and repair professionals in this respect.

Do Run Cold Water

As there are many things added to the garbage disposal, there are chances the fats will stick to the pipes. However, you can prevent it and even coagulate the fats by running cold water. It will ensure the commercial garbage disposal remains clean and does not catch any issues.

Don’ts of Commercial Garbage Disposal to Avoid Issues

Don’t Use it for High Volume Waste

The garbage disposal can contain a lot of things. But it does not mean at all that you can put even the food leftovers. Such things must be avoided because they can create garbage disposal problems when it comes to cleaning it. Appliances experts also maintain that the garbage disposal be used for the limited items only.

Don’t Add Anything Starchy

Many people make this another mistake when they add starchy items and food remnants into the commercial garbage disposal. This practice must be avoided as it also leads to smell and the disposal system is wholly affected by such items. Rigorous cleaning will be required then which can be expensive.

Don’t Include Anything Harder

You also need to be careful when it comes to the harder things such as blades and others. These things can clog the garbage disposal and prevent flow. You will be faced with numerous problems if hard items start going into the commercial garbage disposal.

Don’t Stress Running Cold Water

In the do’s section we discussed that ice cubes and cold water is used to run the garbage disposal because it can help get rid of the fats and starch. However, the experts are of the view that you need not stress running the cold water for cleaning the disposal. Rather maintain a certain level about its use.

Don’t Put Your Hand in the Garbage

There is no denying the fact that the commercial garbage disposal contains a lot of things which are not really healthy at all. Using your hands to put or take something from the disposal is strictly not allowed because it can cause infections, skin issues and other health problems.

Don’t Use it as a Trash Can

It must also be understood that the commercial garbage disposal should never be used as a trash can where you can dispose everything. The garbage disposal is only for smaller items and not large amounts of food. This must be avoided in order to prevent any bigger issues.


There are a number of do’s such as keeping it clean, running cold water, following instructions as well as some don’ts like using it for high volume, adding harder things and using it as a trash can help you save money by as you will then need less frequent commercial garbage disposal repair Fairfax.

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