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7 Reasons That Can Cause You To Lose Child Custody

If you are a divorced person, be it mother or father, and you have gone to extreme extent with your family attorney to gain child custody, even then any one mistake can cause you to lose custody of your child.

There have been many instances where a parent has lost child custody after securing it initially and the reasons for this are sometimes very common and sometimes uncommon as well. However, once you get to keep your child you have to take care of them and have to care for each and every thing and needs. Your ex-spouse will always be on your guard if he or she wants to keep the child as well, so even a small mistake can drag you in court and you may lose custody. The top reasons due to which you can easily lose child custody are as follows.

Child Abuse

The top reason to lose child custody is child abuse, be it physical, emotional, mental or sexual. This is enough reason to prove that you are not capable of bringing up your child. Whatever the reason for abuse maybe, whether you were angry, depressed, tensed or overworked, abuse is simply not justified.

Abuse may not necessarily be done by you but also any of your friend, family member, acquaintance or your recent partner. In many cases children are subjected to physical and sexual abuse by the parent’s partner and the parent is not aware.

Child Neglect

Child neglect cannot be proved easily. But if you have been granted custody of your child then you are responsible for everything. From feeding them properly, clothing them according to age and season, to providing them education and a loving environment where they are happy, loved and well taken care of. Make sure you fulfill everything possible for your child and failure to do so deliberately will come as a form of neglect and you can lose child custody.

Addiction Or Substance Abuse

If you are addicted to alcohol or any sort of drug then naturally you will not be a capable parent. Once addiction strikes them, people lose their ability to think straight and is not able to work or concentrate and spends all their money on drugs or alcohol. You should seek immediate help for yourself and try to overcome your addiction for the sake of your child.

Parental Alienation

This is when you make your child look down upon the other parent by coaxing them into believing that the other parent is a bad person. You may love your child so much that you only want to keep him or her for yourself but even after the contested divorce, your ex-spouse is still their mother or father and deliberately lying and making false accusations on your ex-partner so that your child could hate them is surely a crime. If you are caught doing this then you might lose custody of your child over this.

Domestic Abuse

You surely know that abusing your child can land you in hot water but abusing anyone other than your child can also cause you to lose child custody. Whether it is your patent, your partner, any other child, your servant or even your pet, if you are doing any form of domestic abuse or violence, you are seemingly not in your sensible state of mind to bring up and care for your child. This may seem not natural but in the case of child custody, your every move will be watched and administered so you have to be very careful.

Failure To Follow Court Orders

You have to follow all the orders ordained by court. If the court has set up a meeting time for your children on a certain day to meet their other parent you will have to follow. Similarly the other parent also has to follow and if there is any issue or natural problem such as weather conditions you will have to inform your ex-spouse about it.


You should live with your child in a safe and friendly environment and neighborhood, whether it is your own house or on rent but it should not be some dump or vehicle or a shed, it should be a proper house.

Once you get child custody your every move is being watched and administered by the court and mistakes or failure to bring up your child to the best of your capabilities could land you in trouble. So, be aware and follow the advices of your divorce lawyer Fairfax VA to keep child custody.

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