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11 Wedding Color Schemes You Will Love

If you’re planning for your wedding and are confused about the color scheme, then fret not, because here is a list of popular wedding colors that you can use to outshine other weddings. We are sure your wedding tent rentals will agree as well.

All-White Wedding

If you want to capture the minimal appeal, in the name of a color scheme, then you can’t go wrong with an all-white color scheme. Every article of décor, even the flowers and everything will be white.

If you opt for different textures then it won’t look as washed out and bland because the trick to successfully using a singular color, is to make sure that you’re incorporating different patterns, textures, and designs to add depth and dimension to the entire color scheme.

White & Natural

If white-on-white isn’t for you, then you can add some subtle hues of greenery to the décor as well. Green and white is a beautiful color scheme for weddings that has been popular for quite some time now. The dark green hues of nature and the stark white will be a beautiful contrast and both colors will complement each other beautifully.

There will also be a lot of dimension in your wedding and everything will look elevated. You can opt for a nice balance of greenery and white because then your wedding will look like a virtual perfection.

Add Some Pale Pink

Pale pink is also another color that doesn’t only go well with white, but other neutral colors as well. Pale pink can be paired with either white, brown, blue, green, or other subtle hues, and the results are going to be magically sweet. Pink is such a feminine color and it can tone down any harshness that the other color is showing.

There are many ways by which you can include pink in your wedding. You can go for pink roses or peonies, you can add accents of pink in the décor with cards, ribbons, and chiffon fabrics. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can even add a hint of pink to your and the bridal party’s dress options.

Neutrals Are Always The Answer

If you want to go with classic and timeless options that will not seem like a huge risk, then neutral colors are the way to go. There are many options in neutral colors, each of which is just as warm, and welcoming and is going to give your wedding a very cozy vibe.

Warm browns, light taupe, and medium grays are just some of the many options that you can choose from a variety of neutral colors. The key here is to be smart with your color palette and try to incorporate some tones of light colors as well to balance everything out.

Black, White & Gold

A very royal and edgy option to choose for your wedding, if you’re feeling bold and want to try out something new, would be a combination of white and black, with hints of gold here and there. Gold is a beautiful accent color and it has a majestic feeling to it that’s going to amplify any other color that you couple it with, in the scheme.

A bright idea for this wedding color scheme is to have a white base with black ribbons and details, and as for the gold, you can add peeks of it by introducing gold hardware, having gold handwritten notes and cards, and gold banners. Many wedding rental packages Northern VA include this color combination so check them out.

Add Rustic Earthiness

If you want a more natural wedding color scheme, that doesn’t just include the color green, then you need to add some natural textures, along with colors as well. This is where a rustic and forest-inspired theme comes in. This theme consists of everything that defines “rustic”.

There are hues of greens, browns, sand colors, blues, and pinks, but along with these colors, there is also an addition of textures like woody, grassy, and rustic designs.

Blue & White

If you are not a fan of pink, but want to try a couple of different colors with white, then blue or light blue is a great color to go for. If you want the blue and white theme to shine in your wedding, then the key is to go for different hues of blue, because just one shade isn’t going to cut it.

Adding dimension by incorporating different depths and shades of blue is going to make your wedding look like a dream and it’s going to be a treat for the eyes.

Pastel Green

Another very popular color choice, that’s subtle yet outstanding, is pastel green. Pastel green is one of those friendly colors that can go with everything, without making your wedding look like an extension of a forest.

Pale green can go with either white or a warm brown. These combinations are to die for. Pale green adds that hint of freshness that’s just enough to make your wedding look unique and beautiful. It’s a unique color option to go for, and people will remember your wedding color scheme, even after years have passed because it’s that good.

Green & Pale Pink

Scratch white off the list of wedding color schemes and go for something different and beautiful. Pink and green is also a great and equally beautiful combination to opt for your wedding. There is just something about the combination of pink and green, that is just so sweet and charming, that you can’t help but fall into its charm.

Pink and green are also great colors to pair, especially if you go for the pastel variety for your wedding. It’s going to add that touch of softness that we all know and love and there won’t be a time when people won’t reminisce back to your wedding day.

Fit For Fall

Since fall is still in swing, it’s only fitting to include an option that’s fit for all of the fall weddings out there. Fall is all about dark, bold, and rich colors, all wrapped up in a warm blanket. For a fall wedding, you can’t go wrong with purple, orange, burnt green, and plum hues.

You can easily incorporate these colors with a subtle and neutral base color and your wedding will look like something out of a fall-inspired dream. These colors aren’t harsh at all and you can easily get away with selecting these bold colors because the weather and season are just that appropriate.

A Winter Color Scheme

If you’re having your wedding in the autumn or the months that are hinting at the welcome of winter, then you need to opt for a color scheme that’s perfect for this season.

Same with fall, you can go for bolder colors in a winter wedding, but what’s even more gorgeous and eye-catching is a frosty wedding scheme, where everything is clad in frosty and icy colors, and just by looking at it, you can feel the winter vibes emanating.


Whether it’s summer, winter, autumn, or spring, these color schemes are fitting for every season and you’re going to fall in love with your dream wedding scheme. Get more ideas from your wedding party rental Damascus MD too.

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