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6 Things To Check Before Calling An HVAC Repair Service

Your HVAC system might be a complicated unit but not every time you need to call a repair service to fix the problem. Sometimes, it might just be a dirty air filter or a minor wash that is required to remove the accumulated dust and debris. This means that there are some things that you can fix on your own as well, provided that you have the right information and knowledge. So, let’s take a look at some things to check before calling an HVAC repair service.

Check The Air Filter

If you observe that your HVAC unit is not offering maximum cooling, it might be that the air filter is the culprit. A dirty or clogged air filter will restrict the airflow and congest the unit. As a result, the unit will find it hard to breathe. This is why it is important that the homeowners first check the air filters and replace them if necessary. How many times you need to change the air filter depends on the conditions of the area you live in. A dusty surrounding is going to clog your air filters comparatively quicker than a cleaner environment.

Check The Circuit Breaker

If you turn on your air conditioner and see that it’s not turning on at all, a faulty circuit breaker could be the reason. Furthermore, the circuit breaker is most likely to shut off other of your home appliances as well. Before getting help from AC experts, you need to check the circuit breaker and see if it is turned off. A circuit breaker is usually installed and located in the garage. And there could be many reasons contributing to it shutting off. Therefore, before you bring in the professionals, check the circuit breaker.

Check The Vents

The vents are designed to distribute air into your house. Although they are built to last long, sometimes rodents and poor installation jobs can lead to cracks. As a result, the cool air will escape even before it enters your house. Therefore, you are only going to have warm air making the rounds. This is important if you observe that your HVAC unit is not throwing the air properly. An irregular airflow is only going to add to your energy bills.

Check The Outside Unit

The outside unit is mostly overlooked when it comes to checking the HVAC unit. However, it needs to be remembered that the outside unit plays an important role in producing and distributing cool air inside a house. Since the outside unit is exposed directly to the dust and debris outside, it is not uncommon for leaves and shrubs to suffocate the entire unit. Homeowners can clean the outside unit by using a pressure washer but it should be made sure that the pressure is not too close to damage the components.

Check For Summer Frost

If you observe and experience certain irregularities in your cooling system in the summer, it might be that the pipes have frozen from overuse. When homeowners plan on troubleshooting this issue, they will need to thaw out the system to solve the problem. Before turning the unit on, make sure that you thaw the ice out properly and then turn it back on. The process might take a day or two. If the problem persists as if the AC keeps getting frozen, you will need to call a professional.

Check The Maintenance Log

Sometimes the problems occurring might be your HVAC screaming for maintenance. Annual maintenance allows the professionals to replace the air filters and perform a thorough checkup. Homeowners most of the time tend to forget the last time they had performed annual maintenance on their HVAC unit. Skipping the annual maintenance leads to problems down the road. Even a minor problem such as a clogged air filter can damage the entire unit.

Since an HVAC unit comprises different components that work together to provide cool air, you should always maintain and check the maintenance book before calling a professional. This gives you an idea of the source of the problem instead of the technician ripping you off.

Final Word

Concluding, this blog aims to share important information about when you should call air conditioning repair services Vienna. You need to consider the AC inspection checklist mentioned above to prevent the technician from robbing you of your money. Sometimes the problems are easy to fix and do not require spending any money.

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