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What Are Handloom Rugs? 10 Things To Know About Them

We all know about Persian and area oriental rugs, but there are other ways of categorizing rugs as well apart from the place they were made in. One way of categorizing rugs is the weaving technique. In that, one of the very popular types of rugs are handloom rugs. Let’s know about them.

What Are Handloom Rugs?

Handloom rugs are essentially handmade rugs that are woven on a wooden loom, by hand, coupled with an erect wrap. The loom is responsible for holding the rug in place as the worker manipulates and tugs on the individual strands to make a variety of patterns and designs on the rug surface.

Things To Know About Handloom Rugs

The Uniqueness Of Handloom Rugs

The main characteristic of handloom rugs is that they don’t have any fringes, and the edges are tucked inside leaving a thick and sturdy border that’s reminiscent of a hand-tufted rug.

The Weaving Technique Of Handloom Rugs

The weaving technique of handloom rugs is what makes them so flawless. The loom is used to weave the strands vertically and the patterns and designs are added simultaneously as the length of the rug increases.

The rigid and sufficient tension in between the rugs is maintained by knotting the strands off with each weave and this also creates a wonderful textured pattern on the rug surface. These rugs are truly a thing of beauty, crafted by skillful hands, and are going to last for years to come.

Making handloom rugs isn’t child’s play. There are old rug weaving techniques involved in making thousands of individual strands into a cohesive and equally mesmerizing rug.

One Handloom Rug’s Creation Can Take 8 Months

It also takes reasonable time to make one rug. Handloom rug manufacturing is a one-man job and it can take anywhere between 6 to 8 months for a big floor covering rug to reach completion. Add to that the spinning of strands to make yarn and then coloring them before the actual weaving process, and the period will probably reach up to a year, but they’re worth the wait.

Handloom Rugs Are Durable

Handloom rugs are very durable. They’re made out of materials that will last and won’t rip or fray, and the overall weaving technique of the rug imparts the strength and tension it needs to endure heavy foot traffic as well as manipulation and tugging.

Handloom rugs are a one-time investment article and they’re worth it if you want a rug that’s going to not only last long but be a style statement in itself.

Materials Used In Making Handloom Rugs

Speaking of materials and handloom rugs, there are a couple of options that you can choose from, in case there’s a material you prefer over others. Handloom rugs are commonly made out of silk strands, giving them that opulent, luxurious, and shiny feel.

Silk rugs VA are very popular among people because they not only look beautiful, but they’re also quite durable and they’re environmentally friendly as well since the rug is naturally sourced through silkworms.

On the other end, wool handloom rugs are also just as popular and durable, if not more than their silk counterparts. Handmade rugs require the best of the best materials out there, and handloom rugs are the epitome of luxury, beauty, and classic style.

They Are Sustainable

The materials used in making certain rugs are going to determine the fact that whether they are an all-rounded perfect article of décor or not. Sustainability isn’t something that’s thought through by a lot of people, but if you’re mindful of how things around you are made, then lucky for you, handloom rugs are going to be the perfect choice.

These rugs, because they’re completely handmade without the use of any machine, the materials used are naturally sourced like silk and wool. The dyes used in giving each rug that potent and vibrant color are all-natural vegetable dyes, are healthy for the environment and there aren’t a lot of rugs that fit these certain criteria.

Customizable Rugs

Because these rugs are handmade and there is no specific “stencil” in which these rugs can fit, there is endless variety and customization.

Handloom rugs are available in almost every size known to man, be it a floor-covering rug, or an accent area rug, from runner rugs to bathroom rugs, every square inch of creativity and demand is covered. Handloom rugs can even be made on demand, having any pattern, design, and color of your choice.

Handlooms Are Expensive

This is probably the only demerit of handloom rugs. Because there’s a lot of hard work, time, and effort involved in knotting each strand of the rug, on top of everything being done by hand, these rugs can run a little expensive.

However, that doesn’t mean that the price affects the popularity of these rugs. Handloom rugs are loved by everyone and they will bite the bullet to have these rugs. They will styles and use these rugs in their homes no matter what the price tag says. That’s the worth of these rugs.

They Are A Healthier Option

Wool and silk are very breathable materials and there is no fear of emission of harmful toxins or substances in the environment. A lot of the time, synthetic materials, out of which rugs are made, can be hazardous to the environment and they can trap in air and bacteria as well, which is the perfect recipe for infestation.

Handloom rugs, on the other end, don’t have this problem at all and the best part is that these rugs also don’t make allergies worse, so you’re in for a treat.

Types Of Handloom Rugs

If you’re new to the realm of rugs, then this is something that you need to keep in the back of your mind. There are 3 main types of handloom rugs and here is how each rug is different from the others.

Single Back Rugs

A single back rug, as the name suggests, is a hand loom rug that has one layer of backing on the rug. Backing is necessary to hold the rug in place and it’s the main canvas on which the rug is weaved. It’s not as stiff, but it’s not super flexible either. It lays down beautifully and the designs are just to die for.

Double Back Rugs

Double back handloom rugs are very stiff in appearance and they’re not easily folded. These rugs have a ton of strength and durability, but on the downside, it can be hard to move this rug or store it in a tight space, because if you try to fold it forcefully, then the whole thing can get ruined and that’s not what you want.

Loom Knotted Back Rugs

This rug is very flexible and isn’t as stiff. It’s similar in appearance to the hand tufted rug and it has the same backing design. This allows the rug to be easily folded from all sides, making it perfect for storing in the closet or having it dry-cleaned.


Handloom rugs are so beautiful and they have an unmatched appeal that can’t be replicated by machine-made rugs. These handmade rugs Virginia are worth the investment and you will appreciate the premium look of them.

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