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6 Fundraising Event Ideas

A fundraiser or charity event can raise awareness about a cause and also raise money. To hold a fundraiser, you should begin planning from the next day you decided or were instructed to plan a fundraiser. For the charity event, you will need assistance from event tent rentals, event planners, caterers, and others. Here are some fundraising event ideas to excite and engage people and raise money in the process.

Silent Auction

Silent auctions are popular among fundraising event holders and managers. In a silent auction fundraiser, guests and donors can buy items made available by the event holder by placing bids.

A reason for silent auction popularity is that it’s versatile and can be fit perfectly for the auction of anything. For example, you can hold an art gallery party where the guests can place bids on art items they like.

Moreover, you can make an auction one of many types of fundraising methods in your event or make it the most important part of the event. You can make this choice according to the type of audience you will be serving.

Charity Gala

If you want to engage guests immensely in your event, you should consider holding a charity gala. Although you’re free to make your charity gala as you like, traditionally, a gala has a formal dinner, entertainment, and exciting activities. You can take this general style of a gala and make it interesting and fun as you like which you think the guests will appreciate.

However, keep in mind, charity galas can be expensive to hold because they require many things a traditional event requires so the cost will be a lot too. However, a gala can be a great way to raise a decent amount of money for a cause.

A gala can have many different things to keep the guests engaged, but as a fundraiser organizer, the most important aspect of a gala is that you can connect with guests (potential donors) in person and tell them more about your organization and the cause you’re supporting.


Marathons are held for fundraising, but if you want to make it a bit easier for your guests, you can hold a walkathon instead. A walkathon is a great opportunity for you to have many people walk with you and promote your cause.

Events like walkathons need the participation of many people. You will be encouraging your supporters to people in their communities and promoting the event on social media. With this, you will get many new supporters many of whom would be excited to take part in the event and raise money.

Golf Tournament

A golf tournament can be just what you need as a fundraiser if your audience and guests value the game. You can change the game to any other sport if your guests like them more like tennis, baseball, or others.

In a golf tournament, guests can take part in the event by donating a set amount of money for the cause. However, you can keep some money for the winner of the tournament so there is more excitement in the event.

Quiz Tournament

People love to quizzes and if your audience is in the category of people who appreciate smarts, a quiz event will be perfect as your fundraiser. Each person or team in the quiz event should donate some amount to the cause and if they win, they take away a monetary prize.

Quiz events are liked by event holders because they are easy to plan and execute. Mostly, you need a venue, participants, and a set of fun questions for the quiz. If you can spend more, you can add things like dinner and more entertainment.

Talent Show

A talent show can be an interesting way of raising money for any sort of audience. The talent show can be huge with bells and whistles or a low-key event. You need good promotion to have contestants and spectators in the event. You can raise money by charging a small amount from every contestant and also selling tickets for the talent show to spectators.


You can select any kind of charity depending on the cause and your audience. Make sure to select the venue and hire party rentals Rockland NY early on so the process becomes easier.

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