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How to buy the best fryer for your commercial kitchen

There is no doubt that people love food. How do you feel when you get to have some fried items on the side such as fried pickles, green tomatoes, onion rings, and French fries? However, most people do not want to deal with the trouble of frying all that stuff at home. This is the prime reason why they choose to get a deep fryer. However, in commercial settings, a heavy-duty deep fryer is required. However, this would not be a one-time investment. Since commercial deep fryers can easily go bad due to all the hard work, chances are that you will have to take help from deep fryer repair companies every once in a while.

Nevertheless, for as long as your deep fryer works in the best shape and fries the items quick enough, you can keep on serving your customers. Hence, your restaurant will keep on earning a profit.

Buying the best commercial deep fryer

Well, it is indeed hard to go wrong with fried items. However, this certainly does not mean that any poor quality deep fryer will give you the required results. To earn the most profit at your restaurant and to keep pulling the customers back in, you need to find a deep fryer that is just right for you.

In this regard, we have written this deep fryer buying guide solely to guide you.

Let us first take a look at the different types of deep fryers out there.

Types of commercial deep fryers

There are three main types of commercial deep fryers. The one that you should choose will depend on the foods that you want to fry and your operations. These include:

Open Pot deep fryer

Open pot deep fryers are very easy to clean and are also quite affordable as compared to the other fryers. They feature a heating element that heats the oil up at the bottom. At the same time, it also has a sediment zone that collects all the crumbs. Due to this reason, they are very easy to clean.

Tube deep fryer

Tube fryers are a little more expensive as compared to open pot deep fryers. However, in case you have heavy-duty needs, then a tube fryer is going to be your best choice. Furthermore, if your menu contains other fried items such as catfish or chicken, you should definitely invest in a tube fryer.

Tube fryers also have larger sediment areas. This means that they allow you to fry a lot of items before you have to clean them. Even with that, cleaning them is quite easy!

Flat bottom fryer

Flat bottom fryers are considered to be less versatile as compared to the other options. However, in case you have a narrow set of needs, flat bottom dryers may actually be quite beneficial. You can use it to fry delicate things like tempura, battered doughs, donuts, and tortilla chips.

However, it does not have any place to collect the sediment. Hence, it is very important to get them cleaned very often. Otherwise, the sediment will start affecting the food’s flavor. Furthermore, cleaning it will be quite a pain. Hence, they are only suitable for specialty fried items.

Ending note

Fryers are extremely important for your commercial kitchen, especially if you sell fried items to customers. However, they require good care and maintenance. Otherwise just like ice dispenser repair Fairfax companies, may have to reach out to a company that repairs deep fryers. This would result in added expenses over a period of time. So rather than spending on repairs, it is better to take good care of your equipment.

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