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Which Industries Need Overhead Cranes?

Overhead cranes are one of the most popular cranes used in industries like transportation, aviation, manufacturing warehousing, etc. These cranes are made to move extremely heavy loads. Plus, they can be custom-built to meet particular customer needs and preferences. You should consult crane for rent companies for finding the overhead crane that matches your industry and requirements. We will discuss the industries that need overhead cranes along with the types for you to make the right decision.

Metal Industry

The metal industry relies heavily on overhead cranes for lifting and shifting metal items and objects that are extremely heavy. Because metal is used in the manufacturing of different parts, components, and items, overhead cranes tend to be an integral part of the process.

Although, these cranes employed in the metal industry are mostly used to handle and manage metal but can manage various other types of tasks and objects as well. For example, a common use of overhead crane is moving raw materials to the blast furnace.

Furthermore, overhead cranes can also attach accessories, which helps improve their versatility. Some situations or circumstances may limit workers or cranes to perform a particular task. Plus, the safety of the workers is a top priority. So, installing attachments helps the workers keep a safe distance and carry out the task at the same time.

Warehousing Industry

The warehousing industry is a huge world on its own. Some companies have extremely large warehouses that employ several different types of cranes including overhead cranes at the same time. In fact, in some parts of the world, the warehouses are bigger than the other industries such as metal.

Because warehouses store millions of products at the same time, they must employ different types of cranes to get them ready for delivery. Plus, warehouses are simply storage spaces and effective space utilization is important.

That is why you might have seen storage items being placed on racks at quite a height in the air. So, when it comes to delivering or packing a product, employees use a crane to bring them down to the conveyor belt. Overhead cranes in this regard can improve the efficiency of the packaging process.

Moreover, modern overhead cranes have become extremely smart with the help of artificial intelligence. Today, overhead cranes can be programmed to pick and shift the loads automatically based on the programming done by engineers. This means the cranes can locate and pick the items needed from hundreds of thousands of storage areas within a warehouse without having to put in any manual labor.

Automotive & Transportation Industry

This is another giant industry when it comes to using overhead cranes. In such industries, overhead cranes help with streamlining the manufacturing processes. Overhead cranes in the automotive industry help with moving parts such as transmissions, engines, chassis axles, etc.

In some cases, the cranes are also used to lift the entire vehicle and dip them into a paint pool during the painting process. Overhead cranes are essential to the manufacturing process as they can quickly move heavy items and objects to and from different stations.

In addition to that, overhead cranes also help the workers install vehicle components by holding the entire vehicle in the air. This also helps with quality inspection. Once the vehicles have been inspected, they are shifted to the transportation area where they are shipped.

Then again, overhead cranes in this regard help speed up the process by handling multiple vehicles at the same time.

Construction Industry

The construction industry has its roots embedded all over the world. There are millions of projects taking place as we speak and are not possible without the use of overhead cranes. Overhead cranes in the construction industry are expected to lift and shift metal, concrete, steel, and other types of blocks. These heavy materials are shifted to and from huge heights. Crane rigging MD services are required to prepare the crane for lifts so it can move loads as planned.

Construction sites can be extremely busy places with several types of tasks are carried out at the same time. This can also make such sites slightly cramp. To tackle the issue, overhead cranes can also be controlled using a remote by a handle on the ground.

This gives the handler a clear view of the surroundings, which is sometimes limited while sitting in the cabin. This feature also helps if the task is too risky for the employees to be involved.

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is among the primary employers of overhead cranes. The manufacturing industries manufacture several different types of materials, items, and objects at the same time. This may also require multiple assembly lines within the same manufacturing company.

From the raw materials to the final assembly lines, it is the overhead cranes that make all the shifting possible. Sometimes, overhead cranes are employed to handle turbines, generators, engines, etc. This is an extremely risky task as anything could go wrong unexpectedly. However, modern overhead cranes are loaded with smart features that help avoid serious accidents.

Aviation Industry

The aviation industry can’t function without overhead cranes. There is nothing about airplanes that is small or lightweight. Companies that build planes tend to have several different types in production at the same time. This means there will be multiple assembly lines for each plane.

This also means that multiple overhead cranes will be employed to quickly lift, shift, and help the employees assemble the parts and components. Considering the height at which airplanes stand, workers can only access such heights with the use of cranes.

Plus, the aviation industry is always performing on a tight schedule. It can take several years for an airplane manufacturing company to build multiple airplanes. Moreover, some components are manufactured in other parts of the world that are also transported using overhead cranes.

What Type Of Overhead Crane Should I Choose?

When it comes to picking the right type of overhead crane, you will need to define your needs and preferences and cross-compare the options you have. Renting a crane can be an expensive mistake in terms of time and money. Plus, these cranes are booked in advance as the peak season nears.

Therefore, you will need to analyze the type of tasks and work that needs to be done before you can make the final decision. It might be that you only need a single crane to handle multiple types of tasks. This will save you a sufficient amount of money.

Furthermore, you should also consult multiple experts and consider their opinions. They are most likely to guide you in the right direction. Make sure that you have multiple options in hand and pick the one that offers you the best condition and quote.


Overhead cranes come in different types. This makes them the most versatile machines that are used across the globe regardless of the task. However, the sea of options can become troublesome as well. To avoid that, you need to keep the information mentioned above in mind the next time you visit crane rental services DC for buying or renting an overhead crane. Although, the process can be overwhelming but it will help you make the right decision.

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