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Hair Smoothing Vs Hair Straightening

Hair smoothing is often conflated with hair straightening that sounds pretty much alike, but there are some surefire differences that set these two hair treatments apart from each other if you ask a hair straightening salon. Following are some of the dissimilarities we have found amongst these two hair treatments.

Hair straightening treatment tends to cause much severe damage vis-a-vis its contemporary

It’s no hidden thing that both these hair treatments possess chemicals that tend to damage your hair albeit the degree varies. It is a no brainer that hair straightening treatment carries more harmful chemicals as compared to its competition. Your hair should be strong enough to bear all those dicey chemicals if you make hair straightening a priority; they might or might not damage your hair; they’re always difficult to predict — but you should know, you’re taking a chance with your hair.

Hair smoothing does not mold your hair to an extent that they start looking stick-straight while hair straightening does

Another prominent difference between these two hair treatments is that they don’t leave the same impact on your hair. Hair smoothing treatment gives you sheeny, glossy, untwisted and flawless hair for a limited duration — from a couple of hours to a couple of months — you can choose any length of time. Icing on cake, your hair still looks natural. On the other hand, your hair looks pin-straight when you get them to go through straightening, and it begins to look a bit faux as well.

Outgrowth of your natural manes tell a different story

No matter which treatment you opt for, your manes are sure to grow out in some time. If you’ve got hair smoothing treatment done, your manes don’t become too vivid but when it’s straightening, your manes are most likely to be noticed as something unalike. Your styled locks are surely gonna look apart from your natural locks, and there’s no two ways about it.

More touch-ups are required when you get straightening done whereas it is not the case with smoothing treatment

You can save yourself from a plenty of touch-ups if you choose hair smoothing over straightening. You might not need to pay several visits to your stylist if you settle for a hair smoothing treatment. You see, it’s not that bad to have straight hair for a brief period of time. It’s totally cool to get back your not-so-straight and not-so-silky hair after some time as they make you feel your own self even stronger.

Straightening gives you an option to skip formaldehyde, you are out of this option when it comes to smoothing

Formaldehyde is an essential ingredient in hair smoothing treatment, and this chemical has several cons to it. Formaldehyde tends to pester you in the eyes, nose and throat at times. Other than that, if you’re exposed to it for a little long, you become susceptible to choking. All these apprehensions can be shunned if you switch towards hair straightening.

Hair smoothing can be DIY-ed at home while hair straightening cannot be

Hair smoothing isn’t as complicated of a process as hair straightening is. If you study its details, you can get it done at home. On the contrary, hair straightening isn’t every man jack’s cup of tea, you need to hire a stylist for this sake. To be honest, it isn’t safe to experiment with your hair if you want straightening to be done. Salon is the best, and perhaps, the only option you should be looking for.

Hair straightening lasts longer than hair smoothing

Hair straightening lasts a lifetime albeit hair smoothing survives for a couple of months at its best. If you’ve been obsessing over stick-straight hair and you believe you’re never going to get over it, do not keep yourself from a hair straightening treatment as it tends to fulfill this wish of yours.

Straightening is far costlier than smoothing

If you want straight hair for as long as you’re alive, you have to be ready to lose lots of wealth because Brazilian keratin salons Potomac are not cheap. Hair smoothing, on the other hand, doesn’t require you to spend a big chunk of your savings. Hair smoothing treatment can be done at a much cheaper rate, so to say.

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