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Tips to maintain your furnace

Usually, heating systems are not trouble-some and are also relatively easy to take care of. However, efficient operation is extremely important for proper maintenance. Regardless of the kind of furnace you have in your house, there are a number of things that you can do to keep your furnace working in great condition. In case you do not maintain it properly, chances are that you will need furnace repair services too often.

In case you have no idea how to keep your furnace working in top shape, you have certainly arrived at the right place. In this article, we put together a number of tips that you can rely on to ensure that your furnace works properly.

How to maintain your furnace properly?

In this regard, you may be use the following tips.

Cleaning the furnace

When it comes to heating furnaces, dirt and grime is the biggest enemy. It can reduce the work efficiency of the furnace and also waste fuel at the same time. As a result of this, your utility costs will end up being higher. There are there basic components in a furnace that get affected by dirt. So, make sure that you furnace stays clean. These components are the filter system, the motor, and the blower.

Before starting your heating in the season, make sure that the filter is properly cleaned. In case there is a need to replace, do it right away. Using an old and dirty filter can make your furnace work harder. Hence, it will consume a greater amount of fuel.

Troubleshooting the furnace

Sometimes when your gas furnace is not working properly, you will have to troubleshoot in order to figure out what the exact causes are. As compared to oil burners, gas furnaces are not as complicated and have fewer difficulties in their operation. This is primarily because propane and natural gas burns cleaner as compared to oil.

Furthermore, gas furnaces also feature shutoffs that prevent the leakage of gas. However, this certainly does not mean that these appliances cannot fail. In case you can smell gas in your house, do not try to shut any lights off. Rather, keep the doors of the house open along with the windows so that the gas can leak out. In the meantime, report the leakage to the gas company. Moreover, do not re-enter the house until the problem is solved because a gas leakage can be fatal.

Pilot light

Sometimes the pilot light in gas furnaces can go off due to drafts. In case you want to light the pilot again, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Usually, these instructions are printed on to the furnace. In case the instructions are not provided, reach an HVAC company for help rather than trying to solve the issue yourself.

This is just a precaution to prevent any accidents that may become fatal for you and those who live around you. With these appliances, you certainly cannot afford any accidents as they could lead to house fires that are difficult to stop. So, it is advised to operate gas furnaces with great care!


Gas furnaces are definitely more suitable as compared to heat pump if you live in a colder climate. However, they are more difficult to operate and should not be handled by laymen due to the risk of gas leakage. Moreover, for proper maintenance of the furnace, call in furnace services Arlington VA, at least once in a year. This should especially be done before the heating season begins, every year. This way, your gas furnace wills stay in the top shape and continue to work effortlessly.

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