All that you need to know about chimney inspection

In case your house has an open fireplace, chances are that you do already know the benefits of that. Indeed, a fireplace can transform the entire look and feel of the indoors by adding a rustic charm to your house. However, with that comes a big responsibility! That is, following a chimney inspection routine. In general, you should get your chimneys inspected and swept after every 3-4 months. This will not only allow your fireplace to work more efficiently, but will prevent many chimney related fire hazards.

All that you need to know about chimney inspection

Normally, chimneys always are susceptible to damage due to a number of elements. These elements may include bad weather, plants creeping in, animal nests, or the buildup of soot.

However, inspecting chimneys is not as simple as it sounds. In order to determine the condition of your chimney, your chimney inspector will have to perform a complete examination of your indoor fireplace. Keeping this in view, it is extremely important to stay prepared beforehand. This will reduce the risk of damage and will increase the likelihood of an efficient inspection.

Why is chimney inspection and repair so important?

As it is mentioned already, chimneys are susceptible to running into a number of problems. However, a total shut-down of the indoor fireplace is not even the biggest down-side of it. In fact, there are a number of serious risks associated with poor chimney care.

What are the risks?

When we hear about fire hazards in a house, all that we think of is the gas and kitchen stove. However, it is important to remember that indoor fireplaces are also a big fire hazard (in case they are not maintained and cleaned properly).

Did you know? Back in 2016 alone, there were more than 4000 house fires that were caused due to poor fireplace care. Even though this number has dropped since then due to increase awareness, the risks are still present.

The biggest risk of poor chimney care includes creosote buildup. Creosote buildup occurs when wood and other solid fuels are burnt. As a result of this, a thick brown material sticks to the flue sides and builds up until it turns into a thick layer.

If the creosote buildup continues for long enough, it may result in a spark which can turn into a fire. In worst cases, fires due to creosote buildups can even burn down entire properties.

How often should you get your chimneys inspected?

The only key to proper chimney inspection is to be regular and consistent. In general, you should not leave a chimney unchecked for more than 3 months. However, the exact time basically depends on the type of fireplace that you have. In the case of an oil or gas fireplace, an annual check-up would be enough.

However, in case you have a bituminous coal or wood fireplace, you will have to get the chimneys inspected 4 times in a year. This means, after every 3 months!

Another factor that which the inspection frequency depends upon is your usage. In case your fireplace usage is very high, we recommend an inspection and checkup after every two months. In case you just use it sparingly, then perhaps you could have a break of about 4-5 months in between every inspection.

Ending note

We cannot really stress enough on the importance of regular chimney inspection. In case you want more guidance about chimney sweeping, feel free to reach out to chimney cleaning services Columbia MD. An expert will guide you better than anyone else after taking a look at your chimney and determining its condition.


What Are The Causes And Symptoms Of Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis is a painful disease that requires proper treatment by an allergy physician. It is caused by an inflammation of the tissues that are lining the sinuses. When the healthy sinuses get blocked and air in these sinuses are replaced by a fluid then infections are at a higher chance to be caused. Below are mentioned the causes and symptoms of chronic sinusitis.

Causes of Chronic Sinusitis

Following are the common causes of chronic sinusitis:

Contact with Allergens

If you already have asthma especially Allergic asthma then your chances of chronic sinusitis get higher because the asthma attacks usually increase the pressure and inflammation in the sinuses. Allergic or asthma patients are likely to react to the nasal allergens, pollens and dust particles.

Growth of Nasal Polyps

The most common cause of chronic sinusitis is the growth of nasal polyps inside the nose. Nasal polyps are the tissues that grow in your nose causing an obstruction for breathing. Sometimes, nasal polyps are grown as a reaction to facial damage, nose damage or chronic infections.

Deviated Septum

Deviated septum means an irregular tissue wall between both of your nostril that causes constraint in the flow of air either in both or in one of the nostrils which ultimately results in difficulty in breathing.

Respiratory Tract Infections

Your respiratory tract includes your nose, lungs and the windpipe through which air flows in and out of your body, infection in any of these respiratory parts can trigger chronic sinusitis. Due to the swelling and inflammation of the nose, it becomes harder for the mucus to come out of the nose.

Weakened Immune System

There are a huge number of diseases that are capable of weakening your immune system. If the immune system gets weak, the strength of the body to fight against the invading germs and inflammation become pretty problematic.

Medical Condition

People having any of the following medical conditions are susceptible to chronic sinusitis:

  • Asthma
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  • Cystic fibrosis

Symptoms of Chronic Sinusitis

Innumerable symptoms of this disease are mentioned right down below:

  • Unusual greenish or yellowish mucus discharge from your nose
  • Congestion
  • Unable to smell and taste food and drinks properly
  • Dry and hard mucus obstructing the nasal passage
  • Pain and pressure around eyes, nose, forehead and cheeks
  • Feeling pain in your nose
  • Sore throat
  • Headaches because of pressure in your sinuses
  • Inflammation in the nasal passage
  • Continuous sneezing
  • Postnasal draining
  • Fever
  • Soreness in the upper jaw and teeth
  • Pain in ears
  • Exhaustion and fatigue
  • Unpleasant breath
  • Nausea

If you notice that any of these above-mentioned symptoms stay for 12 weeks or more then you are at a higher chance of getting chronic sinusitis. However, it is very important to seek a specialist so that they determine the actual cause of the disease, pinpoint your symptoms and provide an effective treatment.


There are now many options for the treatment of this disease. However, the allergist chooses the treatment option depending on the condition of your infection. The treatment options include:


The easiest way to reduce the symptoms of chronic sinusitis is by taking proper medications. Your allergist would prescribe you some medicines that you SHOULD take regularly on time no matter what if you really want to minimize the symptoms as much as possible.

Nasal Irrigation

It is a highly effective way to clear your sinuses from every sort of mucus either hard or fluid type. In this method neti pots, saline sprays and other tools are used to drain out the impurities from your sinuses which helps in a great decrease in irritation of nasal passages. Along with the impurities, nasal infections are also flushed out.


Surgeries are done in rare and severe cases. The two types of surgeries for chronic sinusitis are;

Septoplasty or rhinoplasty: The wall present between your nostrils are reshaped to allow proper breathing.

Endoscopic sinus surgery: Hindrance in your sinuses are removed by inserting a thin tube along with a camera into your sinuses.

Home Remedies

Many home remedies are used to reduce the inflammation and in relieving the swelling of sinuses.

It is highly recommended to visit an allergist specialist Manassas rather than figuring out the cause yourself as they are expert in their job and would provide you with the best and most efficacious treatment.

Common problems you can face on your wedding day

So your big day is coming up, and everything is going as planned!

You have figured everything out starting from wedding rental packages to your budget. Moreover, all preparations for the ceremony, reception, and after-party have been made already.

While you might be thinking that nothing could go wrong, the truth is that unexpected events often arise. Perhaps, that is the thing about unexpected issues. After all, they can be unpredictable and often seemingly arise out of the blues.

A list of common wedding problems

In this article, we list down the common wedding problems that you might face on the day of your wedding along with potential solutions.

Irreversible damage to the wedding dress

Damage to the wedding dress could make any bride burst into heavy tears. A clumsy attendee might spill some red wine or your dress, or it might get caught in a nail while you are walking.

However, know that your world has not ended!

In the case of spilled drinks, you can use stain removal wipes. These wipes are primarily designed to take off stains completely if used quickly. Hence, they may come in handy in unfortunate spilling incidents.

In case a part of the dress gets ripped off by getting caught in a sharp object, consider using fabric tape to hide the tear. Chances are that you may find some time to quickly get it sewn. If not, a fabric tape will get the job done just right!

Getting feet sores

Your wedding shoes may be prettier than that of Cinderella. However, often at times, wedding shoes are not comfortable enough which results in foot pain and sores.

In case you have not worn your wedding shoes previously, chances are that you may experience some unexpected sores on your feet near the middle-end of the ceremony.

In case you have an after-party planned with lots of music and dance, you will need some comfortable spare shoes. For events after the ceremony, the spare pair of boots do not necessarily have to match your dress. After all, no one is going to notice your feet underneath that wedding gown.

Excessively drunk guests

For many people, weddings are a social event. Hence, they would want to have drinks and enjoy their time.

However, problems may arise when some guests have had too much. Soon, all the repeated toasts of champagne begin adding up. This especially applies to those guests who have a low alcohol tolerance.

In case some guests start getting rowdy, ask someone to take them out for some fresh air. On such an occasion, they need to be reminded that they are getting a little inappropriate. Often at times, however, it leads to more trouble as the drunk guest may not take that well. In this case, ask the bar staff to stop serving drinks to them.

Unexpected weather conditions

This is one of the things that we cannot really foresee. Even though weather forecasts are reasonably reliable, often at times they turn out to be wrong. In case you have an outdoor event, and it rains, the only solution is to arrange enough umbrellas beforehand.

Well, a wedding under the rain with umbrellas sound quite romantic anyway. So, you have not got enough to lose anyway.

Perhaps arrange umbrellas that are coordinated with the dresses of the bridesmaids. Or, go full black as that looks quite classy.

For the after-wedding-party, you may also use a waterproof tent as a precaution. However, this may add up to your costs. In this regard, you may want to look for inexpensive wedding tent rental packages Maryland.

Ending note

The above-mentioned problems are quite common in wedding parties. Since they tend to arise unexpectedly, it is always advised to take some precautions beforehand. In case the right precautions are taken, they may have little to no impact and the events of your wedding shall continue seamlessly!

How To Switch Real Estate Agents

Are you leading to a strained relationship with your realtor? Time to switch as if you are losing the confidence in your confidant, you have left with no enough reason to get along with the current real estate agent. Follow the below-mentioned steps to switch your agent:

  1. Be Professional

As you are not feeling comfortable with your current agent, you have the liberty to change him; however, staying professional makes the switching process a bit easier. Now the question arises that why this is so important to switch professionally. You need to do it professionally so that your new real estate agent feel comfortable while working with you and perceive you as a courteous person. In addition to this, your previous realtor, having more knowledge and experience about his field, may recommend you such a real estate agent who can fulfill your demands.

Always remember that a top-notch real estate agent, be it a buyer’s or seller’s agent, will always accommodate you in the best possible manner and if he is unable to fulfill your requirement then both of you should part ways with each other courteously.

  1. Understand Your Contract

If you signed a contract before hiring the services of your current agent, then consider reading your contract before ending it. Especially, read the cancellation clause at least twice. Check if you can cancel the contract any time before the expiration or you need to grant a notice before the cancellation of the contract. In the contract, normally, the duties of the buyer’s or seller’s agent are mentioned along with the obligations of the buyer or seller. So, if you feel that your real estate agent is not fulfilling his duties you can simply make a list of all grievances and can cancel the contract by referring to that list.

  1. Termination Agreement

It may be a part of your contract or you may have to create a new document. It is better to make it the part of your contract that how you want to end it. Termination rights should be clearly stated in the contract. You can also use a letter of cancellation in the replacement of the termination agreement to annul the agreement. Read the cancellation clause of the contract to analyze what are the possibilities to conclude the agreement. Always make sure to get a signed letter of cancellation from your realtor so that you can have a testimony that you parted ways with your real estate agent legitimately.

  1. Stay Firm When You Take a Decision

Although it is difficult to gauge how your real estate agent will react when you inform him about the decision to move on; nevertheless, once you have made the decision, stick to it. Your agent may try to bargain with you or even try his luck by persuading you. Even though, there is no need to get influenced by the ideas or proposals given by the real estate agent as there is no need to wait for so long during the house buying or selling process.

Reinforce and reiterate that the decision, you have made, is final and try to satisfy your realtor that it is the best possible decisions not only for you but also for him. Good communication skills are the key to handle such a situation. So be frank and courteous when you talk about why you want to and the contract.

  1. Choosing the Next Realtor

Now, let’s talk about how to choose the new real estate agent as you have already wasted your time by picking the wrong one. Don’t make it a herculean task by searching all over again. Instead, consider using the below-mentioned tip to save your time:

Hire from the same agency: If you hired your previous real estate agent from an agency then ask from the same agency to provide you another agent who can fulfill your requirements. Not switching the agency may help you to save your time a lot. Even if you show your intention to hire the real estate agent from the same agency, it will help you to save your time during the termination process of the previous agent. Even there are chances that you may start the termination and the hiring procedures simultaneously.

So, what you are waiting for. Save time by hiring a top-notch buyer’s or seller’s agent Washington DC to compete the buying/ selling process in no time.

How To Have An Amicable Divorce

  1. Try Not to Approach Court

You can contact your family lawyer if you feel the need but try not to approach court with your best possible efforts. It is because dragging divorce to court is the first step to not having an amicable divorce as you will have to discuss a lot of things there which are obviously not pleasant in your relationship. Even if your case seems complicated, try to explore other options like mediation, collaborative divorce or similar other things which does not involve huge fighting against each other.

  1. Don’t Think Much About Your Past

When you have already decided to end your marriage so it is of no use to think about your past and put yourself in deep depression. It is already over so come out of your past which can help you staying positive during divorce proceedings and keeping it as smooth as possible.

  1. Adopt “Forgive and Forget” Strategy

Well it is not that easy but it is very important during amicable divorce proceedings to staying on positive track of life. Especially if you both have children together then it holds a great importance for a peace of mind among your children. Also, you can be easy with your child custody attorney when you don’t put negative image of your spouse in front of innocent children who have nothing to do with your separation.

  1. Keep Realistic Demands from Your Spouse

Well divorce is itself an unpleasant thing in any relationship so keeping it amicable is not so easy as we say it. It requires a lot of efforts and patience to turn things smoothly from both ends and for that, make sure you are not putting some unrealistic demands and expectations against your spouse. It can make the situation worse when your spouse is unable to accept your demands leading to a messed case of divorce. Ultimately, you will both have to reach out court for settling the matters which may result in some annoying situations for both of you.

  1. Communicate to Your Partner Firmly and Timely

If you are the one who want to part your ways from your spouse, then be firm while telling this to your spouse. Or if you are the one who is being told for separation, just be patient and take some time from your partner to think over the matter. Take the matter to your family lawyer and see what could be done if you both are willing to end this relationship. Means what legalities will be needed to address, how is the child custody attorney going to be handled, who is going to keep children and how you both will take care of your kids so they don’t go through any trauma in their young ages.

  1. Consult a Therapist

If you find yourself not being able to control your emotions as divorce is not an easy way out but no need to panic as you can still control the situation. Obviously, you will have to face a lot of things during and after divorce which can drain you emotionally but you have to keep your sanity for your own sake. Your family lawyer plays a very important role here to help you consult a therapist so as to keep the situation under control by not letting your emotions mess up the case.

  1. Don’t Let the “Fire of Revenge” Burn Inside

As told above, amicable divorce is not a piece of cake but something that requires a lot of patience from both ends. So, make sure there is no “fire of revenge” burning inside of you as it may result in bursting out at wrong time during divorce proceedings. You can still burst out in front of your therapist which can help you come to the normal track easily through counselling.

  1. Be Polite Towards Your Children

Lastly, understand that children are the ones who are going to suffer the most in your divorce. Be polite towards them and understand their mental condition. Don’t yell at them or talk rubbish about your spouse in front of them. Don’t even discuss about the child custody attorney AlexandriaVA in front of them and try to settle out things in their absence.

6 Kitchen Problems You Need To Fix

Kitchen is believed to be the most important part of the home. The granite installers usually advise us to take care of our slabs, countertops etc. All of this can get really embarrassing if we don’t start looking out for things that need fixing.

Things to know about kitchen maintenance

The problems that you should pay attention to are mentioned below.

  1. Leakage

The most terrible thing about leakage is that a lot of other things have to pay the price because of it. For example, the walls absorb water and their composition is severely affected. Likewise, kitchen countertops and slabs become its victim too as the constant leaks can diminish the color of these stones making them prone to damage. The cabinets you installed last month or the pull-outs you invested in, will all go down the drain if the leaks aren’t dealt with.

If your faucets are leaking continuously then clean it properly, hopefully, it will stop leaking. The best way to find out about leakage is through the mold or dampness under the sink or water in the garbage disposal. Don’t forget to check the water lines that are connected to different appliances.

  1. Poor Performance of Dishwasher

If you are not quite satisfied with the washed dishes and find watermarks, residues or food particulates on them quite often then it’s time for you to do a checkup of the faucets, filters, float etc. A very old detergent or worn out dishwasher sponge can also be a huge part of the reason too. Make sure to find the right reason and then change it accordingly. According to granite installers, countertops can also use some detergent cleaning after all.

  1. Abundance of Smoke

There is not denying the fact that smoke is one of the most harmful things for any living being on the planet.  Thousands of people in fire accident have died not because of fire but because of smoke. Therefore, it is your responsibility to go through your vent ducts, air filters etc for a safe environment to breathe in.

If your vent is clogged with grease or debris then hire a professional to do the cleaning. Air filters can simply be fixed by replacing their motor parts accordingly with its model. The smoke is likely to appear everywhere. If it ends up on the edges of your countertops or your tiled walls too then call granite installers immediately.

  1. Dysfunctional Burners or Stoves

It can get really frustrating when the burner doesn’t turn on or the stoves don’t ignite high flames. The main reasons are believed to be clogged gas pipelines or in case of burners, non-working spark igniters. You can fix this problem simply by getting a new spark igniter and fixing it. Your burner will start burning almost immediately.

  1. Loose Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors work perfectly for the first few months but over time, they start getting weary and lose this property. The doors become loose and it takes two or more attempts for you to close them properly. This practice can be brutally annoying if done several times a day. It is embarrassing when a quartz installer comes for a regular checkup and your cabinet doors just won’t close. This problem is a pretty easy fix. All you have to do is find good lubricating material and apply it to the hinges. You can also install wood filler on the screw holes too.

  1. Greasy Slabs or Surfaces

Be it a countertop or the floor, any surface that has grease all over it is unacceptable and that is a fact. It generates greasy smell, makes the surface a mess and most importantly damages your cutlery or furniture. The removal of grease might sound like a lot of work but believe us it will take you just 30 min to get rid of it. White vinegar is a great cleaning agent and together with a microfiber towel, it will make your task a lot less difficult. Make sure to clean these surfaces every 6 to 12 for neat and bacteria free surfaces. According to quartz installer, it doesn’t harbor bacteria but for the safe side make sure to clean it too.

If you are looking for bacterial and germ-free countertops then you should contact your nearest quartz installer raleigh nc now!

Basics Of Home Building You Should Know

Whenever you are going to build a house, you will need crane rental services to meet the needs of the work. Here we are created a list of steps that will help you understand the basics of home building.

  1. Fixing the Budget

You must have a budget to carry out house building work. Without fixing the budget, you may spend more than you could think. This means you will face serious financial troubles. Sit with an engineer and estimate what you will spend on the house construction. It will include material, labor, masons, crane rental services, utility services and everything required for the work.

Follow the budget plan in order to stay within the limits. Take great care of the work so that nothing is wasted. Don’t go hard on the workers and let them feel comfortable. Keep a check on the work to make sure things are going smooth. You should buy the material by yourself.

  1. Preparing the Site

This is the first and important thing to do when you have to build your home. There are two options. You can either hire a contractor and assign all him all the work either you can become the contractor to handle everything. But with this, you will also need labor and masons. Make a plan to prepare the site for your house construction.

You can choose the option to become your own contractor. However, it comes with its pros and cons. Like, you can save a lot of money that the contractor will get. Second, you can maintain better work quality and choose best materials. On the other hand, there are technical work for which you may need help. You will need to hire small crane rentals for the construction work.

  1. The Site and Construction

In this step, you will be doing some preliminary work to clear the site and actually prepare it for the work. Your site may be rough and with ups and downs. So you should make a plan and change the topography to make it fine for the construction of the house.

You can make a camp for the residence. You will need to hire crane rental services and while doing so choose the best service provider. The site should be plain and perfect for the work to be started. Gather some hard working laborers and experienced masons. Get all other temporary services like electricity, technicians, and utility service for the team.

  1. Building the Foundation

Now you should be serious because the work has started. When foundations have been excavated, concrete material will be poured down into the foundations. It will take a few days to get dry. You can start work after the foundations are strong and ready to bear the load.

  1. Plumbing and Electrical Work

Nowadays, most of the electrical work is underground or in between the walls to avoid shock problems. However, it can be hard in future to fix any problems. Hire some good plumbers as well as electricians who can complete the task with great care and perfection. This is purely a technical work so don’t make any mistake while hiring the workers.

  1. Pouring Concrete Slabs

This work is somehow hectic and needs a lot of work. You may be supposed to hire small crane rentals VA to pick and move the slabs. The slabs even smaller in size are heavy and laborers cannot move them so get the proper machinery.

This work requires attention and efficiency. If proper care is not taken, there can be serious damages and injuries to the workers. Ask the workers to follow safety rules to stay safe.

  1. Painting and Finish

The work will continue and you should inspect every single day in order to make sure things are going as you planned. When it comes to painting and finishing of the building, choose some nice and decent colors. Neutral colors are considered the safest bet. You can also get stylish and it all depends on your choice.

  1. Flooring and Cleaning

After paints and finishing, you should get the floors done. For that timber and wood is used nowadays. This is through an expensive option but it gives a stunning look to the floor and the whole house. Choose the material carefully. When flooring is done, ensure the final cleaning for the perfect looks of the house.

6 Luxurious Yet Cost-Effective Countertop Choices

So, which are the countertops granite installers think of as luxurious? Let’s know!

Quartz Countertops

When luxury is a major factor then quartz countertop contractors easily captures the market due to fact of being extravagantly luxurious, beautiful and cost efficient. Quartz is an engineered stone and a non-porous material which does not require any resealing process after sometime. This makes it significantly resistant to stains, scratching and impervious to heat and harsh chemicals containing acids.

You can make uniform slabs with number of different designs and modern look to the overall décor of your kitchen. Also, quartz is a very strong material making it highly durable which last as long as you want.

Granite Countertops

Granite is a 100% natural material as compared to quartz countertops which is 93% quartz with combination of some other minerals shaping into slabs and bound with resins. Granite adds a great amount of elegance to your kitchen giving an overall stylish and luxurious look to your kitchen. Even the granite installers also recommend the granite countertops as the installation process is very easier as compared to other options.

No doubt, granite has been the most expensive material in past but the cost has come down significantly with advancement in other materials. So now, granite is cheap yet a luxurious option to go for your kitchen interior while it also comes in variety of colors and designs.

Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone is another natural stone which comes in dark gray color with a smooth surface giving a luxurious touch to the overall kitchen décor. It is a good option to go for if the color is not a problem for you and matches with the other décor like cabinets, wall paint and stuff like that. Quartz countertop contractors also recommend you for soapstone countertops if it goes well with other décor of your kitchen due to its limited availability of color range. The good thing about soapstone countertops is that they are highly resistant to stains and heat while adds a kind of historic touch to your kitchen décor. Cleaning is also a very easy process as the surface is quite hard so you don’t have to be put extra effort to clean it.

Wooden Countertops

This option is also a very thing to go for if you want to have a traditional touch in the overall décor of your kitchen. It is also an environment friendly option as it has the natural tendency to kill bacteria within 3 minutes of exposure. You can use oak, walnut, cherry or rock maple material for wooden countertops as per your desires. While generally, granite installers recommend you to go for oak and walnut as these both are the trendiest and long lasting materials usually used for kitchen countertops. Though wood is much susceptible to cracks and warping since the thick and long wooden strips are glued together for making countertops but at the same time, it can be a luxurious addition to your kitchen if maintained properly.

Marble Countertops

Marble is another natural stone used widely for kitchen and bathroom countertops giving a beautiful and luxurious look to the other décor and interior. The good thing about marble is that no two stones are ever alike in appearance so you will find the uniqueness with every piece of marble. Quartz countertop contractors always put the marble as a first choice when your priorities include uniqueness along with luxury. But the fact of being highly expensive and not much resistant to stains, mostly this option is dropped out when the countertop is required in different parts of kitchen covering a huge area. However, it has natural tendency of resisting heat while it is also a waterproof material so high cost totally worth these features of marble.

Laminate Countertops

The cheapest yet beautiful and luxurious addition is made in your kitchen with laminate countertops. And quartz countertop contractors rockville would always recommend you to select laminate countertops if you have a budget issue while you also want to add a luxurious look to your kitchen. Cleaning laminate countertops is an extremely easy task while maintaining them for a longer time is also not that difficult. The best part is that you will find variety of colors and designs with laminate material which cannot be found with any other material.

Abortion scenario of young people in the US

Abortion is often a part of American women’s life as every one in three has faced abortion related problems once in her life time. About 700,000 young women in America opt for abortion every year. Most of these cases are carried out as confidential abortion as the women undergoing abortion are very young who do not want others to know this. Most of these women face many challenges in carrying out abortion safely and under proper care. But the present generation who are born after the year 1980 are supporting the cry for safe abortion among young women.

Abortion statistics

The survey conducted in the year 2012 regarding different matters related to abortion in US, it was revealed that although rate of abortion has reduced considerably a significant portion of the population are in need of abortion year after year due to various reasons.

Women in her twenties have the highest rate of abortion reaching a whopping 58%.     Women in the age group of 20-24 account for Thirty three percent of abortions and this amounts to23.3 abortions per one thousand women. Young women in the age group of 15-19 have abortion rates about 13 percent which amounts to 9 abortions per one thousand women.

There has been considerable decrease in the abortion rates of teens. Pregnancy rate of women under the age group 15-19 has declined by fifty percent after the year 1990. Similarly the pregnancy rate of young women under the age group 20-24 has also reduced by 27 percent.

In the year 2012 alone about fifty seven new laws were enacted imposing further restriction on abortion. 24 states have formulated TRAP laws known as the regulations targeted on abortion providers. The pity is that these laws regulate only the facilities like provision of adequate parking lots, water fountains etc. No restrictions regarding the safely security and confidentiality of abortion etc have been included therein.

27 states have included “waiting periods” which has to be completed for carrying out legal abortions. This necessitates two separate trips to the clinic by the woman for completing the abortion procedure. Because of these stringent restriction 87 % of the counties in America are having no abortion providers. This necessitates long travel which adds to the cost of abortion.  Young women find it difficult to come from school and to pay the incidental expenses needed to travel across the country to carry out abortion. This is particularly true in the case of teens belonging to rural areas as they are reluctant to ask for parental help.

Regardless of the laws women need abortion in some cases of pregnancy. Research has shown that the imposing of restrictions did not reduce the circumstances that warrant abortion.  It only compels women to go for unsafe, dangerous and illegal abortions.

After the decision of the Supreme Court in an abortion case where it has legalized abortions in every state necessary laws have been made by the Congress allowing the use of government money for every abortion necessitated by rape or incest. Young women are the most affected group of people by funding restrictions as they are likely not to have any regular income or insurance coverage for abortion. The average cost of an abortion can be roughly.

Teen pregnancy rates

37 states have enforced laws requiring a teen to get parental node from either of her parents before receiving abortion. These laws are simply endangering the safety and health of the women without any impact on pregnancy rates or abortion rates.

Most young women consult their parents before carrying out in clinic abortion procedure. Those who do not consult may be having dangerous situation in their homes. 30 % of youngsters who do not inform their parents about their pregnancy fear violence and think that they will be forced to leave the home. Parental involvement has often delayed the abortion procedure and has made the matter riskier.

How To Use Negative Review To Your Advantage

The word negative has a lot of negativity attached to it, especially in the context of customer reviews and customer review software.  You cannot blame yourself to think of it that way, however, as a business owner, you need to look at negativity with the eyes of opportunity.

Benefits of online review management

If your online review management team tells you about the increase of negative content regarding your business online, make a fair assumption that the structure of the business is not in order. Look for opportunity in these legitimate (and sometimes sponsored) negative reviews by doing the following.

Importance of customer reviews

  1. Consideration and Restructuration

Negative reviews mostly stem from the frustration of customers who are fed up with not being provided what they were promised with. Before you make more such unsatisfied customers a part of your base, address the problem by tackling the core.

If they problem lies in late delivery contact the courier service you outsource your products to in all seriousness. Similarly, if the problem stems in the way your representatives are not of help to the customers, train them competitively.

It is a good idea to hold a certain degree of defense for your people and business, but markets today operate with the assumption that the customer is always correct. So make that a priority and go for the correction fast.

  1. Closer to the Truth

Through their online review management, businesses make it an aim to get as many positive reviews as possible. However, if you were a consumer skimming through products and you saw the name of a brand which is relatively unknown but has a number of five star reviews only, you will get suspicious as to how the brand got that far without anyone close to you ever hearing about it.

People who give negative reviews also include constructive individuals, i.e. they do not only point out what was wrong but also highlight what can be done to make things better. They end up making the experience of those basing their decisions on online reviews better because of the holistic exposure they get to the product/service.

In addition, it will remove the vibe of fake/forced reviews that people often outsource people to put up for publicity.

  1. Be very responsive

A customer review software which is deployed and full of important negative reviews about a product is pointless if you as the business owner do not take out time to seriously figure out what it is that the business is lacking. That does not mean, however, that you go on giving explanations to everyone.

Inform your customers of the standard response time that your team takes to get back after the review box is flooded. Craft your reviews carefully with a mix of humor, quantified analysis and explanations, and a positive outlook on how the future will not see a repeat of these mistakes.

In addition, be sure to answer the concern as swiftly as possible. Baseless negative reviews like “You are a bad business” can often be responded very nicely and used as a social media stunt to elaborate on how a business is easy minded and approachable. The best response is the one which is best though out.

  1. Hold Transparency

Online review management allows you to take the concerns that individual customers may have with you offline. Businesses hold a lot of power in today’s world, but that power can be worn out quite easily by people who engage in long conversations with business representatives on public forums.

While solving personal issues on a side is important, when issues are faced by a number of people you need to show empathy as a business. Be apologetic, ensure that you are taking steps to improve service quality, and if possible offer some form of concession to the hurt individuals.

To take things a step ahead, publicize the issue and humbly inform the audience of how professionally you dealt with it. Be careful to respect the fine line between informing and boasting though, because it can be counter-productive for businesses at times.

All in all, while you conform to better practices of online review management, remember that businesses represent human instincts, and that they will always be prone to mistakes which can be minimized, but never fully curtailed.