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9 Home Remedies For Hip Pain

Usually people head to orthopedic hip surgeons when they have hip pain. However, they can relieve the pain at home as well. Below are some remedies in this regard.

Get Some Rest

A lot of home remedies are recommended for people with hip pain. One of these is to take rest. This is the most important thing because rest allows you to avoid any hard activities, movement and other things which cause the pain. For this reason, rest allows the patients to recover quickly and feel better in a short time.

Use Ice

Another home remedy of hip pain instead of going to a doctor is to use ice. This solution works only when the pain is not too severe. Usually swelling cause pain in the hips. This can be treated by using ice. It will help to remove the inflammation and keep you out of pain. Ice should be applied four to five times a day. It will heal the swelling as well as hip pain.

Compression and Elevation

Compression is a very good and effective way to treat the hip pain at home a bandage is used to compress the hip and it provides some relief against the hip pain. Apart from compression, another option is elevation. In this option, the feet and leg is elevated so as not to put pressure or burden on the hips.

Daily Exercise

It goes without saying that exercise keeps a person fit, energetic and prevents hip, back and spine pain. When you have a minute hip pain, you should not look for any solutions. Rather, focus on exercise. Take some time and exercise for few minutes. Walk as much as possible. Start your day with exercise and it will maintain your good health.

Use Heat as Well

There are various types of hip pain. If you have arthritic hip pain, there is a simple and easy solution for this. A shower with warm water works quite well with this. Do not use heat otherwise it will worsen the swelling. You can also use heat as pressure on the particular part where you have hip pain.

Stretch to Relieve Pain

Many times, the hip pain occurs due to pulling of muscles, stiffness and tissue problems. These issues can be solved if you stretch to relieve the pain. It is worth noting that stretching should be moderate so as not to affect your hip pain negatively and make it worse. It is a very simple way and takes five to ten minutes at home.

Strengthen Your Thighs

There are various workout and exercises when it comes to thighs. With the exercise of thighs, you can keep them stronger which will prevent hip pain. Thighs play an important role to relieve the hip pain. If inner and outer thighs are stronger, there are less chances of getting a hip pain issue.

Workout in Water

We have discussed using heat to relieve the hip pain. Another option in this regard is to workout in water. It should be a warm water. This, according to the medical experts, is the ideal solution for people who have hip pain problems. They can workout for a few minutes after which they will feel a considerable difference in their health.

Avoid Carrying Weight

It becomes very important to mention that being obese is a reason why some people have hip pain. They should lose weight first. In the next stage, they must avoid carrying heavy weights. It will allow them to prevent any further pain in their hips. Also, you should avoid running and jumping as it makes the condition worse.

When to See a Doctor?

If the home remedies are not working, pain is unbearable or if you want a better advice, you should consult a primary care or orthopedic doctor. Furthermore, if the hip pain is the cause of a recent accident, then you should consult a doctor as soon as you can.

Upon complete checkup, you will be given medicines – and surgery option in severe cases. You can expect any of the following four hip surgeries:

  1. Arthroscopic hip surgery
  2. Hip resurfacing surgery
  3. Hip revision surgery
  4. Hip replacement surgery

Most hip replacement surgery Woodbridge doctors try to treat hip pain without performing a surgery. Surgery is done only when there is no option left.

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