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11 Inflatable Games You Should Rent

There’s no party without the right outdoor entertainment and one of the best and easiest things you can get is inflatable games. They’re great for kids and adults alike and everyone will have a fun time. Here are some options for interactive games that you can get from inflatable game rentals.

Kiddy Pool

A foolproof way of making sure that the kids are having the time of their life, at a party, is to have a kiddy pool. One of the great things about this inflatable game is that you don’t need to have an actual swimming pool to have a pool party. They also come in various sizes and you can just inflate them, fill them up with water and toys, and have the kids go crazy.

Sausage Race

This sounds like a very quirky and bizarre game, but it’s actually pretty fun. A sausage race, as the name suggests, is a game where a group of 4 to 5 people, sit on an inflatable sausage-looking thing and crawl over a flat surface and race their opponents.

This is a great game for adult parties because it’s a bit more competitive and you can even go for bigger inflatables, where 6 to 7 people can race at a time.

Pool Volleyball Set

This inflatable game is perfect for kids and adults. If you’re having a summer pool party and want to get creative with games, then an inflatable floating volleyball set is the way to go. Think of it as playing volleyball but in the pool. That sounds way more fun!

You can get this inflatable game in an entire set, that includes volleyballs, an inflatable net, and other knick-knacks necessary for volleyball. It’s a great way to incorporate entertainment and sports in one giant inflatable game.

Bowling Ball Set

Who says you have to go to a bowling alley to strike the pins out? If you want to play with bowling pins and balls, then you can certainly do so, with the good ol’ inflatables. The inflatable bowling set comes with a set of giant bowling pins, to add to the whole experience, a very lightweight bowling ball, and a stand to place the pins on, with borders.

This is like glorifying traditional bowling and its way safer for kids, so the next time you want to bring a bowling arcade to your party, consider this option because you and the kids will end up loving it.

Obstacle Course

This is a perfect party game for a kid’s birthday party or even an adult get-together. A life-size inflatable obstacle course is the king of all the games.

Basically, this course is a room-sized platform with different mazes, climbing spots, and hideouts. You can either have a time countdown game, in which the participants have to cross all of the obstacles in the least possible time frame, or you can have a scavenger hunt in the obstacle course and have people find clues all over and complete a certain mission.

Again, this game is super entertaining and you can even rent it out for parties, because a game this big, will be expensive to buy, on your own.

Beer Pong Floating Table

This is an adult game, through and through, but it’s very entertaining and fun, as compared to its traditional counterpart. Beer pong is a staple party game for any adult party, but what can make it even more fun? An inflatable and floating version of it, of course!

A floating beer pong table can be used in the pool, so you guys can play beer pong without an actual table. It’s small and easy to inflate, it comes with cups and balls for you to toss and make a goal and it’s very entertaining, to say the least.

Ring Toss

Ring toss is also a very popular game among kids. There are so many varieties of ring toss games in the realm of inflatables. You can get them in many shapes like a cactus ring toss display, signature poles, cartoon character ring tosses, and more.

Every set comes with an inflatable and a lot of rings for you to fully entertain the kids. This can also be a fun game for an adult party. You can also get creative with the game and set some rules, like a time limit or a color-coordinated tossing match, to increase the competition.

If you’re holding an event for kids or adults, you can also use ring toss games. Only make sure that the event production service Maryland for your event also knows about.

Belly Bumpers

Belly bumpers are like the human version of dodging cars, but less impactful and more fun. Belly bumpers are huge balloon-shaped inflatables that you can fit your body into, and it has cavities for your legs and arms.

Basically, this game allows you to bump into your opponent, while wearing this inflatable, so it’s like a game of tackle, but with a lot of cushion involved. It’s also safe and no one gets hurt, because the cushiony inflatable absorbs all of the impact and you can roll over and start again.

Baseball Course

If you have die-hard baseball fans in your friend group, then what better way to entertain them, than with an inflatable baseball course? This is just like it sounds. It has a large inflatable platform for you to stand and play on and the surrounding walls are also quite helpful during a game of baseball.

There are also a plethora of quirky designs and backgrounds on the walls of the baseball court and this game is entertaining for kids and adults alike. Because this is a big inflatable, you can get it on rent too, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Inflatable Giant Dices

What would you think about a life-sized board game? Well, inflatable dice are here to save the day. Inflatables can be pretty versatile when it comes to games and these giant dice are no exception.

If you have a decent-sized backyard and want to bring a board game to life, then you can use some tape to make boxes and use these inflatable dices to play and score. You can play a bunch of board games with these dice, like Ludo, truth or dare with dice, and more.

Inflatable Limbo

Last but not least, you can’t talk about games, without mentioning limbo. Limbo is a very old game, but it still has a huge appeal even today. While you can get plastic poles to play Limbo, another great way to play this game is with inflatables because let’s be real: Inflatables make everything so much more fun.

The inflatable limbo comes in a set of two poles and a plastic stick that can be removed and adjusted as the game proceeds. This limbo is a bit bigger than the traditional one, and this feature only adds more to the fun.


Inflatable games are one of the best things at a party and you can even rent them out for a day or two, so you don’t have to commit to buying something either, so that’s a huge plus. Now, the next time you’re throwing a party, don’t forget about these games. Check out which games are available with interactive game rentals MD and rent the ones you fancy.

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