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How To Remove Odor From Your Commercial Refrigerator

Your commercial refrigerator giving off a bad odor is serious in terms of business. The last thing you would want is customers walking in and being greeted by an awful smell or find the food smelly. So, if you have experienced such an issue, you should give this blog a read before getting commercial refrigerator services.

How to Get Rid of Bad Smell?

To remove odor for your commercial refrigerator, it is important that you first remove everything from the refrigerator. Anything that is close to its expiry date should be removed as well. Spoiled or expired items will create an everlasting smell, which will disturb not only you but the surroundings as well. Upon removing the spoiled or expired items, grab a sponge and soak it in soap water. Use it to wipe every surface found in the refrigerator. This includes the interior of the shelves, refrigerator and food packaging.

Secondly, you should clean the refrigerator using vinegar and baking soda. The reason being that these solutions work as excellent cleaning agents and odor absorbers. In addition to that, not only are these cleaning agents excellent at removing odors but stains as well. Use a cloth to wipe down the nooks and crannies of the refrigerator.

Once the refrigerator has been wiped down, soak a piece of cloth in warm water and remove the baking soda and vinegar solution remnants. Continue rinsing the refrigerator until it is clear from the residue. Then, turn on the refrigerator and wait for it to reach the appropriate temperature and then return the food to the refrigerator.

Preventing Odors

Although cleaning the refrigerator using baking soda and vinegar is going to remove most of the odor, you can remove the remaining by laying a thin layer of baking soda on a piece of tracing paper. This will absorb the odor overnight in your refrigerator. If baking soda is not available, you could use oats and coffee powder as well.

Another tried and tested way of removing odors from the refrigerator is by leaving air fresheners inside. Furthermore, some natural products can also help remove odors. For instance, cotton balls soaked in lavender oil or vanilla leaves a splendid small in the refrigerator.

Refrigerator Maintenance

Like many electronic appliances in a kitchen that need regular maintenance, refrigerators do as well. There are a lot of things that could go wrong and create an awful odor. This is where refrigerator maintenance comes in. Apart from removing the odor, it is about keeping the refrigerator in top-notch condition as well. Performing periodic maintenance prevents accumulation of dirt and debris while allowing you to detect and identify potential damages, repairs and replacement.

However, keep in mind that periodic maintenance should only be performed by a professional. The reason being that a refrigerator comprises many electrical components. An amateur working on it might risk damaging the components. Therefore, always trust a professional when it comes to maintaining the refrigerator.

In addition to that, develop a cleaning schedule. Depending on the amount of and types of food items you store in your commercial refrigerator, you should clean it at least once or twice a month. This will remove any buildup that creates a problem later on.

Contain The Smell

Every refrigerator contains several compartments to store different types of food items. Even then, homeowners tend to place and store food items on the main trays, which leads to the odor being distributed inside the entire unit. If you were to store food items for a long time, it is recommended that you store them inside compartments so that the odor can be contained. Sometimes, the odor can be removed simply by removing and cleaning the compartment tray. If the case is otherwise, you will have to clean the entire unit, which will take additional time and effort.

Final Word

Concluding, removing odor from the refrigerator is simple and easy. To prevent such situations, it is important that the food items be stored considering their expiration date. Additionally, make sure to clean the refrigerator at least once a week to keep things fresh and maintained. Commercial equipment is complex and you should have commercial kitchen appliance repair Fairfax technicians handle the maintenance.

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