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Common Questions About Brick Patios You Should Ask

If you have recently purchased a new house and want to upgrade the existing patio or you plan on remodeling your existing property, including the cracked patio, you might be tempted to install a brick patio. But first, you want some of your questions to be answered from local patio builders. We are going to look at some common questions about brick patios that will help you get a better idea of what you should be looking at.

What Styles Of Brick Are Available?

If you are talking about having a brick patio, you are looking at the regular bricks that are made from clay and are formed into shape after being baked in a kiln. Although you will find several types of bricks in the market, clay ones tend to be the most popular.

Perhaps the biggest reason is that they are easy on the budget and to install. Furthermore, if the bricks tend to crack, you can easily replace them as compared to concrete patios. And the best thing about brick patios is that you can build one on your own as well if you have the skills and expertise.

Plus, you can have bricks of different shapes depending on your needs and preferences and install them according to your patio design. This will help you achieve a unique pattern that will surely catch eyes.

Will A Brick Patio Match The Style Of My Home?

This is probably the only question that triggers anxiety among homeowners. The thing with patios is that even if you are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the materials and bricks etc. you can still get it wrong. The reason is that your new patio might simply not match the aesthetics of your house.

Paver patios are supposed to give you a warm, regal, and sophisticated finish. This means the way your bricks are laid or the pattern defines your test and the vibe. So, you will have to choose between classic and contemporary styles. And if you cannot decide, consult an expert.

Are Brick Patios Durable?

Brick patios tend to be very tough and durable but at the end of the day, it mostly depends on the materials you choose. Brick patios are known to last for generations if the right material is used and the installation is done the right way.

Furthermore, it also depends on maintenance. Regardless of the type of patio, it is important that you look after it. If your existing brick patio was built more or less a decade ago, you can expect some cracks and holes. If neglected, these cracks can spread throughout the patio.

However, if you were to replace them, you can avoid the trouble of replacing the entire patio.

Can Brick Patios Sink?

Patio sinking is a common problem and it does not necessarily have to do with the type. The two most common reasons for sinking pavers are soil settling and water problems. These are often due to poor installation techniques. Patios are always installed on a firm foundation.

If you were to hire an expert, you shall observe them carrying out a proper analysis and study of the area where the patio needs to be built. This is done primarily to examine the condition of the soil and foundation. If the experts find something wrong, they will need to fix and prepare the foundation first.

Moreover, if there are drainage issues, they need to be sorted out first as well. A poorly built patio will not be able to handle the weight of heavy vehicles and will sink as quickly as it was built. Therefore, keep in mind that the stability of the foundation is a must before building a brick patio.

Final Word

When it comes to brick pavers, you might have a lot of questions to ask. We hope the above-mentioned questions help clear your skepticism and if not, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions from patio contractors Long Island about anything that you need to know. Patios are an expensive investment and it is better you should know everything you need about them before you spend money on brick patios or any other type of backyard patio.

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