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How to buy the best rug?

Of course, you can live without rug. However, your life would be far less cozy without a rug. With that, your house will also look very less colorful. Typically, tribal rugs tend to pull the room together really well.

For instance, rugs in your room can keep the environment warm and can event absorb the extra sound if necessary. However, rugs are not easy to purchase. In fact, they are among the most difficult purchases that you will ever make in your house.

With that, rugs also require maintenance and good care. These are the factors that you need to take into account while buying a rug. Once you take care of such factors, you will be able to buy the best rugs for your house.

Buying the best rug for your house

In order to ease your burden, we are going to share some rug buying tips with you. These tips come straight from the professionals in the world of interior design. Hence, we suggest you follow these tips before getting yourself a brand-new rug.

Bigger is better

When it comes to rugs, it is true that bigger is indeed better. If you buy a rug too small, then it just looks like you chose the cheaper option. Though, the size also depends on the shape of the room and the placement of furniture.

For instance, if you get a large rug it is a good choice to anchor the room decoration. In comparison, smaller rugs in bigger spaces can be good accents. However, make sure that you are not buying a very small rug.

Should fit your lifestyle

With that, the choice of the material and the texture of the area rug should directly be in line with your lifestyle. For instance, in a high traffic area, you need to choose a rug that is tough enough to deal with the high traffic.

Furthermore, in a low traffic area, you can always get a silk rug as they look amazing and feel great when you sit on them bare feet. However, if you have cats around, then they are not the best option because they would claw it.


With that, maintenance is one of the most important factors that you should be concerned about. Just simply do not expect that you will place your rug in the room and be done with it. Rather, you will have to invest a good amount of time and energy into its maintenance.

Without maintenance, the life of your silk rug will reduce significantly. And when you are investing a good deal of money, this is the last thing that you want.

So, make sur that you are getting professional cleaning for your rug to ensure that the maintenance requirements are being met. In cases like these, if you have any specialized rugs such as antique rugs or Persian rugs, then maintenance costs might be higher.

This is because rugs like these require special care and proper restoration. This is something that only the professionals can help you with. And that has its costs.


All the above factors have to be considered when you are going outside to buy rugs for your house. If you do not consider them, then you will simply be making a very risky purchase. And that is the last thing that you should ever do.

Make sure that you are buying your antique rugs Alexandria from decent rug stores only. This is because the rug market is full of people who may con you. So, always read reviews on the internet before choosing any store to buy the rugs from.


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