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What Color Rug Should I Choose

When you talk about rugs, there are unlimited options of colors, designs, and patterns to choose from. Imagine going in a shop where they are rugs on sale with a wide array of designs available and very rug outshines the previous one, you will surely get confused and buy the wrong color or not buy at all.

Why Color Of The Rug Is Important?

Choosing a rug for your house is surely the most difficult part of your home renovation or shifting, because a rug can make your room stand out or look dull. In fact home designers state that the first thing that should be bought when shifting to a new house or renovating your house is a rug and then the rest of the furniture should follow.

The first thing that a visitor will notice upon entering a room is the color of the rug as it directly affects the eye and then the visitor will look at the room accordingly, so the rug color can either make or break a room. This means that the rug color is not only a financial investment but also a visual one.

Listed below are tips to help you choose the perfect colored rug for your home.

Do Not Go For All Solid Colors

Al solid colors will make the room look serious and angry. The room will not portray a lively atmosphere. If you opt for a single solid colored rug then do not go for solid colored furniture and sofas. If you are going for printed rug in contrasting colors then solid colored sofas would complement the rug greatly. Vice versa, if you prefer solid colored rug then you can add colors in your furniture, sofas and even throw pillows.

Light Colors Visually Create More Space

If your room is small then go for light colored rugs as they visually help to create more space to the onlookers. The actual size is the same but light colors make the room appear spacious, while dark colors make it appear small. Go for lighter colored furniture, walls and sofas along with rug to make the room appear big.

Dark Colors Make the Room Rich and Warm

Dark colored rugs in huge rooms make them look warm, inviting and rich. Dark colored rugs are good for homes where there are severe winters as the dark colors add to the overall warmth and are great for creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere in cold winter nights. Dark colors appeal more than light colors.

Play With Contrasts

Contrasting colors add depth and style to a room. It is not necessary to match each and every color and find a rug that has each and every color of the room furniture. In fact, choose a rug with contrasting colors of the same family. Choose a rug with different colors and you can then choose the sofa colors accordingly and throw in pillows of different contrasting colors from the rug. This will accentuate the overall look of the room.

Do Not Overmatch

Matching each and every color of the rug and the furniture is not a good idea. Same colors create a loud and boring atmosphere and visitors will not know where to look and it will look monotonous. Use different colors of the same family to create a sophisticated look.

Bright and Muted Color Tones

If you are choosing a bright colored rug for your room then go for dull colored furniture and sofa tones as too much of bright colors will strike to the eye. On the other hand if you have bright colored walls and furniture than offset the color scheme by using a muted color for the rug.

Create Color Combinations

It is not necessary to go for colors of the same family for rugs and furniture but you can use appealing contrasts and color combinations. For instance, gray and red with earthy undertones is a great combination, brown and off-white with a touch of gold and beige is very appealing. You can create a mixture of cool and warm colors and choose the color of the rug accordingly.

When you are buying rugs make sure to buy the best as it is an investment for your house. Persian rugs from Persian rug stores Vienna VA are surely an investment for your house as it will add value to it.

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