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A small guide about heat pumps

No matter what the name suggests, heating pumps are utilized for numerous distinct purposes (and not just for heating). These generally also cover humidity control and air-conditioning. Throughout winter weather, heat pumps move heat from the surroundings within your home. These are hence readily installed by hvac companies.

Afterward, throughout the summer season, they move heat from the interior to the surface. In a manner, heating pumps are heating moving apparatus. But until you get yourself a heat pump, it’s crucial to understand all of the fundamentals.

Buying guide for heat pumps

In this article, we came up with all of the details you could want before purchasing a heat pump for your own residence.

Types of heat pumps

Generally, you can find 3 distinct heating pumps. Included in these are the air-source, geothermal, and split ductless heat pumps. No matter what the type is, it’s quite for you to get them installed by a professional service. That is only because technicians in such businesses will have the ability to work out the suitable size and type for your home.

Split-ductless heating pumps

Split ductless heating pumps contain two components, which are the condenser/compressor, and quite a few indoor air handlers. Usually, the in-door components are set up high over the walls and so are managed with a remote control. These heat pumps may also be known as mini heat pumps.

Nevertheless, the expense of installment HVAC repair of those approaches can be much higher when compared to other related systems. But some national incentives will be able to assist you in reducing the original costs of setup

Ordinarily, these systems usually would not need some duct work. As a consequence of that, they have been quite practical for use within one room. They might also be very efficient, because they may assist you in saving up to 30 percent of one’s cooling/heating expenses.

Geothermal heat pumps

Also known as water resource or ground heat pumps, these pumps move heat across many of pipes which run vertically or horizontally in loops. These pipes contain water which will get heated up by the high temperature below ground surface, that is around 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

But for smaller lots and utilize within some specific places, geothermal heating pumps might possibly perhaps well not be the best option. Initially, their setup may cost up to $20000 that really can be a enormous amount of capital.

These systems can decrease your household’s energy costs by up to 25 to 50 per cent, based on the climate and place that you’re located in.

Air-source heat pumps

Air-Source heating pumps are the most common heating equipment. These generally include two parts. There is one outside unit and an inside one (air handler). Whereas, the exterior unit is called heat pump. It uses a refrigerant that flows between 2 tube components. This refrigerant release heat after absorbing it. Furthermore, it then goes throughout the tubes hence letting the heat out.

Air source heat pumps are incredibly efficient, also may lessen the expenses of heating/cooling by greater than 50%. What’s more? You can employ them for dehumidification purposes of the environment a lot much better than ordinary HVC units.


Do understand that the first expenses of setup are high, but it does not end there. You may have to routinely call heat pump repair services Long Beach in order to maintain your heat pumps. Otherwise, the efficiency of the pumps will be reduced significantly. And that is something that you would not want for sure! So, make sure that the maintenance is done well.

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