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7 Reasons Of AC Blowing Warm Air

An air conditioner blowing warm air is never a good sign. Moreover, there are way too many reasons this could be happening to your unit. That’s why you should use an AC repair service to troubleshoot the problem. Let us take a look at some of the most common reasons why you may be experiencing this.

Your Thermostat Is Set To The Wrong Level Or Temperature

This is probably the most common reason behind people getting surprised that their air conditioner is blowing out hot air instead of cold. Do make sure to take a look at if you mistakenly activated the heating function instead of cooling before you panic.

The Temperature Sensor In Your Air Conditioner Is Broken

In case the temperature on the thermostat reads fine but the display on the air conditioner shows a different temperature, chances are that the temperature sensor built into your unit to detect the ambient temperature and regulate its output accordingly, is broken.

You Haven’t Cleaned The Air Filters In Your Ac In Quite A While

There are two air filters located at the front of your unit, as well as one fixed deeper inside, which need to be cleaned from time to time to ensure that no dust and debris is blocking the air from going in and out of the unit. Sometimes such a blockage may mess with the AC control circuitry, resulting in it blowing hot air.

The Level Of Coolant In Your Air Conditioner Has Gone Down

If your air conditioner loses coolant flowing within it due to a leakage or some other reason, there is a good chance that your unit will not be able to work at its optimal efficiency and may even work in reverse due to the backflow of the fluid to the compressor, resulting in hot air instead of cool.

Your Compressor Is Not Working At Its Peak Performance

Compressors are one of the few analog components inside your air conditioner, and it makes sense that constant use degrades their performance. If they are not serviced in a while, the output efficiency of your AC goes down, leading to a loss in performance and in turn, cooling power.

The Ducts In Your Home Are Blocking Hot Air Going Outside

The purpose of an air conditioning unit is not just to throw cool air into the room. It must also suck out hot air from inside and throw it outside. However, if the ducts through which this air is let out are blocked, this air will seep back into the room through the outlet, giving the impression that your unit is blowing hot air.

The Air Throw Fan At The Face Of The Air Conditioner Is Broken

Your air conditioner cools the air inside the room but in order to actually blow that air outside and ensure it reaches far and wide into the room, a component aptly named the air throw fan is used. If this fan breaks down for some reason, the obvious thing that will happen is that cold air generated in the unit will not be able to flow out.

Knowing the signs will help you in getting to the root cause of the issue. It will help you better understand what it is that is causing problems with your air conditioner in the first place, be it the compressor, the lack of coolant fluid, a leak or any other thing. Once you are fully aware of the reason behind the issue, you can not only take steps to avoid it in the future, but also do what needs to be done to get your air conditioner back in working order, and by that we mean blowing out cold air like it is supposed to, instead of warm.

In some cases, changing your usage habits may take care of the issue, but usually when this happens, you will have to send your unit for repair. It is also a good idea to get your bi-annual HVAC inspection in time through certified air conditioning companies Fairfax, in order to detect, diagnose and treat any issues in time, and avoid such problems from occurring in the first place. Make sure to do thorough research before you hand over your air conditioner for repair however.

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