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What Are The Rules For Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the perfect way to add length and volume to your hair without sticking to the commitment of keeping your hair long. Whether you apply them yourself or go to salons that do hair extensions, here are some rules for using hair extensions.

Brush Out The Tangles

Extensions can be easily tangled, especially if they are long. So, you want to make sure that you are detangling them every day before you go to bed. This is going to make your life so much easier the coming morning when you want to style it. The best type of brush to use for hair extensions is a loop brush. This brush doesn’t have normal bristles and it won’t get caught in your extensions and cause ripping of the hair. You can easily brush your hair as you would with a normal hair brush and your hair will look sleek, smooth, and tangle-free.

Wear Protective Hairstyles

This is a huge tip when you are going to sleep with hair extensions on. It’s better to wear your hair in a protective hairstyle before you go to sleep. A protective hairstyle is one where you won’t have to worry about your hair being tangled while you sleep or it won’t become frizzy.

You can wear your hair in a loose bun on the top of your head, you can spread it on the side of your head, and you can secure all of the hair in a silk cap and sleep very easily in it. This will eliminate any type of tangles and frizz from your hair and the extensions.

Drying The Hair Extensions

Another tip is when you come out of the shower, make sure that you are handling the hair extensions with care. Your hair is already very weak when it is wet, so you don’t want to tug or manipulate it with a towel and make it worse.

Try to gently pat the hair extensions. This will dry them quickly and you will also not disturb the sections which are secured in your hair. Try to let them air dry, if possible, otherwise use a very low heat setting on the blow dryer.

Give Extensions Some Love

You want to give the extensions the same kind of love and care you are giving the rest of your hair. The best way to keep your extensions shiny and sleek is to oil them regularly. Use a regular oil that you use on a daily basis on your hair and apply it all throughout your hair including the extensions.

Just be careful not to apply it too much around the scalp where the extensions are secured otherwise the hair extensions can become loose and they can fall off.

Avoid Teasing And Manipulating

There are a lot of hairstyles where there is backcombing or teasing involved, but you don’t want to try any of this on your hair extensions. Hair extensions are not designed to be backcombed or teased. You want to keep them undisturbed on your head as much as you can.

Also, when blow drying your hair, you want to touch your hair extensions as minimally as you can, because you don’t want to ruin the secure bond of the extensions. It’s better to leave them as they are and you can style the rest of the hair as you want.

Washing The Hair Extensions

Washing the extensions is also very important, but there is a certain technique involved. Just like your hair, you need to wash the extensions too, because there might be a lot of build-up like sebum and excess product left in your hair.

What you want to do is wash the hair gently, making sure to be extra careful when you are nearing the scalp area. This is going to jeep the extensions undisturbed and they will be clean in no time at all. After this, you can wash off the shampoo and condition your hair.


There you have it! These tips will ensure that your hair will look seamless, voluminous, and healthy. No one will ever know that you’re wearing hair extensions. To prevent many mistakes, get hair extensions in salon Potomac.

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