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The truth about Faux granite

Kitchen countertops unquestionably play a significant role in providing the necessary aesthetics for a kitchen. As a result, a significant portion of first-time home purchasers change their countertops before they move in. For more help, you can reach out to any kitchen remodeling companies.

These days, a wide variety of countertop materials are accessible. Few of them, however, provide the comfort, dependability, and affordability that fake granite provides.

You may now be wondering whether fake granite is really worthwhile. Faux granite is, to put it simply, a replica of the opulent but pricey granite stone surfaces. These countertops are bigger because to many paint applications and several layers of priming.

After the paint has dried, a sealer that serves as a protective layer and covers many layers is applied. This gives the appearance of faux granite.

Advantages of fake granite

If you’re curious about what faux granite may provide, you’ve come to the correct spot. We go through the potential advantages of faux granite worktops over actual granite ones in this post. So let’s get started straight now.

Really inexpensive

The first and most important advantage of faux granite is this. Since they are very economical countertops, they are suitable for all budgets. Anyone who is willing to spend a minimal fee may obtain a really stunning fake granite countertop.

The greatest aspect is that no one will be able to distinguish between the two just by looking at it. Faux granite seems identical to real granite to the inexperienced eye.

Simple to install

Countertops made of fake granite are fairly simple to install. Therefore, you are even not need to hire an installer to do this operation for you. To complete the process without incurring any charges, all you need to do is set aside a few hours and utilize some simple tools.

Amazing in both feel and appearance

Countertops made of faux granite seem to be real granite. They thereby provide a highly upscale feel that many people find appealing. It is crucial to periodically seal paint, nevertheless, in order to prevent deterioration.

However, sealing is a cheap procedure that you may do every few months. You may maintain your countertop in this way so that you can use it for as long as you choose.

Maintenance is simple

The fact that faux granite makes a great house addition is yet another significant advantage. However, we advise you to exercise extra caution while using any hot implements close to the faux granite surface. Such objects may chip the paint by harming it.

In order for it to endure longer, try to keep sharp items away from it at the same time. However, you aren’t required to replace your countertop entirely if there is a crack. Instead, you might just paint over it.

This would be accurate in the case of genuine granite, however. You would most likely need to replace the whole countertop if the actual granite top cracks, which may be an expensive proposition.


You’ve looked at the faux granite countertops, and you think they would work for you. So what are you waiting for in that case? Ask for a price from the countertop installers that are nearby.

You don’t need to worry about setting up a large budget since these countertops often tend to be extremely economical. However, if you want the greatest outcome, you should always get help from the best kitchen remodeling contractor Bowie in your area. If you search about, you may discover several of these in your area.

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