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What You Should Not Forget On Your Wedding Day

Wedding is such an important event of your life that it often makes you slightly nervous and jittery. Because of all that nervousness and rush in your mind, you may only focus on big things like wedding venue, wedding dress, catering, and table and chair rentals for wedding. Because of this, you tend to forget some of the small things you planned to include in your wedding ceremony.

Here’s what you can simply not afford to forget.

Wedding bands without which your wedding cannot take place

People often forget to remove their engagement ring from their ring finger. Most of the time, people get married after months of remaining engaged to each other and that’s the reasons they get used to wearing their engagement ring. Even if you like your engagement ring more than your wedding band, you have to remove it for some time or relocate it. Exchanging wedding rings/bands is by far the most significant part of a wedding and a wedding ring always lands on the fourth finger. This is why you should make sure that the fourth finger of your right-hand remains unoccupied at least for the day.

Do not forget to get a stock of tissues

This is going to be a huge day for you as well as your family and close ones. Even if you are a strong person with a mighty heart, someone from your family or friends would definitely cry. In a situation like this, there should be tissues people can easily grab on.

Besides, there are going to be many heartwarming speeches by people you hold dear. Who knows there might be a killer speech that leaves everyone at the wedding a bit teary-eyed? You often don’t see such a thing coming beforehand, do you? It’s better to be prepared for it.

Do not forget to keep wafers with you

A wedding is more often than not a strenuous and lengthy ceremony. It is not going to end in a couple of minutes if you are expecting it to. Hence, the burden of keeping yourself agile, active and happy throughout the wedding day lies on your own tiny shoulders. If you keep some snacks, wafers and juice bottles with you, you are unlikely to run out of energy.

Do not leave for the venue without your vows

Not many people dare to go unprepared at the altar to deliver their vows. Most of us have them prepared beforehand. Some of us spend days to come up with a series of vows — it starts looking like a small diary by the time you realize you’re done. Nonetheless, one of the most common regrets among couples is, they often forget their vows they took hours to write either at their bedside or on the dresser or somewhere else. That’s why it’s crucial that you double-check everything before leaving for the ceremony.

Do not forget to arrange an emergency kit

Although it’s a happy day and you expect everything to go hunky-dory, there’s still a fair chance of bad luck befalling you. There can be a small injury or a minor accident. The best way to deal with such kind of a situation is to stay calm and not panic. Plus, if you have an emergency kit by your side, a teeny-tiny wound can be fixed then and there without calling a doctor to see to the emergency.

Take honeymoon luggage with you

If you are planning to immediately leave for the honeymoon, you should have your luggage packed in advance. Well, your wedding ceremony is done and you can’t wait to embark on your journey. Then, bid adieu to your family and friends at the ceremony, and leave for the destination you have chosen for your honeymoon. But can you stay at an anonymous place for 10-15 days without your luggage? It’s obvious you can’t.

Do not forget to tip the vendors

People are extremely happy when they are about to tie the knot. Well, there’s nothing wrong with being flushed over by strong emotions at least on the wedding day. Still and all, you should remind yourself of the fact that this day couldn’t be possible without all the hardworking hands behind it. All the vendors and wedding party rentals Northern VA services should be paid on time and if their work was gratifying, they can be tipped as well.

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