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How To Decorate Your Wedding Venue

When it’s your wedding day, you would obviously want everything to be in accordance with your taste and liking. Everything must be customized, everything should have a personal touch, no? That’s what we all want. And you have to make sure that the vendors and wedding tent rentals understand your instructions and do things as you want.

If you want to decorate your wedding venue as per your choice, here’s what you need to know.

Drape The Ceiling. It Looks Cool

The ceiling looks really cool with white drapes. The ambiance looks so peaceful and serene with the white drapes hanging there. With all these drapes hanging from the ceiling, you would look like a princess walking down the aisle, coming closer to the altar. Ceiling is the most important part of the venue, so you should make it look special.

Hang Eco-Friendly Paper Lanterns To Beautify The Ambiance

If you are a person averse to the idea of hanging drapes, you have plenty of other options to look forward to. You can prefer eco-friendly paper lanterns instead of drapes – they would look nice and classy. Or else, you can go with a combination of paper lanterns and flower vases hanging from the ceiling – it is a killer combo, believe it or not!

Artify Your Cake

Your wedding cake is so likely to grab the attention of everyone present there, therefore, it has to have a special look. It cannot be a simple white cake with multiple toppers, you can come up with something creative, something artistic. You can ask your baker to make it the way you want; though, the burden of coming up with an amazing idea lies on your tiny shoulders.

Put A Balloon Arch On Display

The entrance would look splendid with colored balloons around it. The guests should feel special the moment they enter your wedding; if they are given a good welcome, they are most likely to enjoy the rest of the wedding. It is therefore incumbent on you or your wedding planner to make the entrance area look amazing.

Have A Photobooth

You and your fiance and both the families are surely going to have lots of clicks, but you should not forget that there are plenty of acquaintances attending your wedding and they might want to be photographed with their families and common friends they accidentally bumped into after ages. Therefore, try including a photobooth for them to be photographed sans the couple.

Give A Celestial Accent To Your Wedding

Some people believe in astrology and hence they can always add a celestial accent to their wedding. There can be signs or numbers or anything of that sort. Or, it could simply reflect the strength of your bond according to what astrology says. If you were shown compatible with each other, it’s exciting news, and it could be shared with everyone at the wedding.

Try Colored Glassware For A Change

Plain or uncolored glasses are very common, they are found at almost every wedding. You should try and come up with something that outdoes the usual white glassware. Glasses come in many different colors and they look as vogueish as the white ones. Hence, try replacing the casual white glassware with the classy colored ones.

Choose A Buzzing Table Runner

Table runners catch everyone’s attention, so to say. They should look great as they add a lot of fervor to the ambiance of the venue. A white tablecloth looks fantastic but if you choose a ravishing color such as blue or green, it is going to look equally good. You can also select round or long wedding tables to add more beauty. Nonetheless, you should prefer what is absolutely best for your wedding.

Marquee Letters Are Quite A Must

Whether it is the amalgamation of the first few letters of your names, or it’s just the initials of both of you, marquees letters can make it look fabulous. You cannot subtract marquees letters from your wedding day, they have to be placed in one of the prominent corners of your wedding venue.

Do not leave everything on the wedding planners and wedding party rentals Rockland NY, try and be as much involved as you can. Give your two bits on everything. This will make sure your wedding is personal and beautiful.

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