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Top Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

From planning your wedding, to having at least 12 boards pinned together on pinterest, what the day doesn’t prepare you for are the impending mistakes bound to fall in your lap. So if you’re all about being “authentic” and DIY-ing your way into your own wedding, I have some news for you. First of all, you will need to contact a wedding tent rentals company to book a date.

Here is what I have learned through my careful analysis: wedding season comes with a lot of drama and even more mistakes. No matter how hard a wedding party tries to avoid the big ones, the poor chaps will get stuck trying to get the perfect florist for the bridal bouquet or maybe the right location just slipped from their grasp.

Whether the big day is a month away or 4, you need to get all your wedding ideas in one place and not turn into bridezilla as they say.

Common wedding planning mistakes

Either way, we’ve found you the ultimate wedding hacks to pull off the wedding of your dreams! Avoid all those tiny mistakes to make the big picture shine and here is how you’ll do it.

A huge guest list

Is there a figure in mind? Is there not? Try the ‘guestimate’ way where you guess how many would show up and how many are worth inviting. Before booking your venue, your guest list should be absolute so you don’t fill the place to the brim.

Unless the place you have in mind is spacious and can house your 100, we think this would be a mistake waiting to happen.

So double and triple check your list!

Having too many ideas

 As you are the person who is getting married, we know this is your day to shine. But what we also know is how easily one can get distracted due to websites such as Pinterest. This can actually ruin the entire essence of your party.

This is one major mistake you need to avoid right from the start. Look at your boards, sure! But don’t cram everything into one and try to make look like a barnyard explosion.

Pick one wedding theme out and then make your way to the rest of the elements to make it all come together.

Overspending and overextending

It’s a wedding so why not, right? Let’s spend a little more on the flowers and maybe add to the bridal shower gifts. Perhaps, let us just extend the wedding days? All of this is very much possible and hence, it is one of the most common wedding problems.

It is basic human nature to want more than ever, especially on your big day. But what if the budget you have just doesn’t cut it? You would not want to cut off other important wedding costs just to be a little extra. That may actually ruin your day.  So, plan accordingly and we assure you, that things will go very smoothly!

An important prerequisite

Probably the hardest part wedding arrangements is booking a suitable wedding party rentals Rockland NY company. So before settling with one, get advice from friends and family and get their recommendations because word of mouth plays an integral role here. Once you find a suitable quote, go for it! However, just do not settle for a mediocre service just because you are short on time.

So, get this done beforehand! We suggest you to book one at least a month in advance in order to avoid any possible inconveniences later on. This way, you will be able to get the most out of your wedding party!





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