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6 Kitchen Island Design Mistakes

Kitchen islands are a great part to add to your kitchen when performing kitchen remodeling or renovation. They don’t only look beautiful but they are also practical and functional. Here are some mistakes people make when choosing the design for their kitchen islands.

Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

If you have the space then go for it, but you don’t want to go all out with the size of the kitchen island. This will throw the symmetry off and your kitchen will not look proportionate at all. This is why measurements and dimensions are super important when you go to design a kitchen island for your kitchen.

You want something which lies in the sweet spot of not too small and not too big. This will be the perfect size for your kitchen. Try to take measurements of the space you have available and work around that.

Island With No Space Or Seats

A kitchen island is a waste of space if it has no functionality or practicality. It needs to be able to seat a couple of people and it also needs to act as a working station in case you run out of kitchen countertop space. You don’t want the kitchen island to just take up valuable space. Make it a useful object which can be used for other purposes around the kitchen, whether it be seating extra people, using the island as a breakfast bar, or using it as a working station for a family get-together.

Kitchen Islands In A Small Space

If you have a decent-sized kitchen then an island is perfect for you, but if your kitchen is already small and it doesn’t have a lot of space to even walk around then adding a kitchen island may be too cluttering and it will not look good in the end. Try to justify the space you have before going out and getting a kitchen island design. You will save yourself a lot of trouble and valuable money which can be used for other things around the kitchen, rather than crowding your already small kitchen with an island.

The Lighting Matters

When you are designing a kitchen island, you need to keep the lighting in mind too. You can’t forget how the light will shine over the kitchen island. You want to make sure there is enough light that will make your island illuminate just perfectly. You also want to decide on what types of lights you want over your kitchen island.

There are many types of lights to choose from, some can be spotlights, hanging lights, and the list goes on. You need to choose something which will go with your entire décor. Try not to go for something which is too flashy or trendy, because it will throw the decor off-kilter and it will not look nice, rather it will look overdone.

Choosing The Right Material

The right material can make all of the difference. Materials might seem very mundane and you might just choose whatever you seem is okay, but the right material will make or break your island. Go for materials that are durable and which can take a bit of force here and there. For example, marble is not a good choice for kitchen islands. Although it is a beautiful material, it will take more time and money to maintain and it also isn’t as strong as other materials like ceramic, granite, and concrete.

Island As An Obstruction

The last thing you want during your kitchen makeover is to overcrowd your kitchen with an island that doesn’t have any functionality. You might want to rethink your decision of getting a kitchen island if you don’t see any use for it in your kitchen. If you already have a small breakfast bar and your countertop space is enough, then there is no need to spend money on a kitchen island that you may never use in the near future, so think wisely before deciding.


There you have it! Now that you know these common mistakes in kitchen island designs, you can easily avoid them to make your kitchen look more proportionate and even in outlook. Look for expert kitchen remodeling companies Silver Spring that know about common mistakes and challenges of kitchen renovations.

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