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All that you should know about hair extensions

Are you lusting over those amazing human hair extensions, if yes, chances are that you would have tried to learn more about them. While hair extensions have been in the market from quite some time now, a big number of people still do not understand them. This is primarily because they assume that they are not real hair, so why get them?

Why would anybody want to fake their hair? This is the one thing that you must have thought whenever your mind told you to get hair extensions. However, hair extensions are very natural, in the way that they do not cause any artificial change in your hair. All that they do is act as an extension to your original hair.

Furthermore, they become as much as a part of your head as your original hair are. So, you can rock them like your original hair and nobody will ever be able to tell them apart.

What should you know about hair extensions?

In this article, we put together everything that you must know about human hair extensions. In this regard, we got in touch with a number of professional hair salons, so that you can be guided in the right way.

What are the different hair extensions type?

Today, technology has gone quite far. And so has the fashion industry. With that, there is a wide range of hair extensions that you can choose from. These include:

Temporary hair extensions

These hair extensions are temporary in the sense that they include pieces that can be clipped on, weaves, and wefts. So, you can put them on and take them out at will, or whenever there is an event that you want to rock your hair at. This is not that bad, since a big number of Hollywood celebrities also tend to use them.

Semi-permanent hair extensions

These hair extensions are primarily used for 6 to 8 weeks at most. There are two types of semi-permanent hair extensions that include tape extensions and clip-ins. However, a big number of other semi-permanent hair extensions are also hitting the market after extensive research and development.

Permanent hair extensions

These hair extensions are worn for several months constantly, and are not taken off. These hair extensions are added to strands through small attachments such as micro-bonds and micro-rings. In case you want a fully consistent look without the pain of attaching and putting extensions on again and again, then permanent hair extensions should be your prime choice.

Which ones should you get?

If we are to be exact, temporary hair extensions are only suitable for one-time usage. They are good to wear occasionally and are used by people who do like their hair already and just want a change for one weekend. For them, they are very suitable.

In comparison, clip-in extensions are amazing because they can be clipped in within minutes and then removed.

Permanent hair extensions suit those who do not like their own hair and want a permanent volume or length in their hair. These extensions become a part of the hair and blend in so that nobody can tell them apart from your previous original hair.

Ending note

Human extensions have become extremely popular due to the level of convenience that they offer to people. Today, a big number of women rely on hair extensions to rock the look that they have always wanted. However, it is extremely important to rely on a professional hair extensions salon Potomac only rather than an unreliable or new salon. This is because a bad service will simply make the extensions obvious, which takes the whole purpose of having extensions away.

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