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How To Fix Brassy Ombre

You might have been in this situation a lot. Getting your dark hair bleached for ombre or balayage hair highlights will lead to an orange and brassy result. Here is everything you need to know about fixing a brassy ombre.

Use A Color Toner

If you see your hair turning a brassy or orange color after bleach, then you might need to use a toner to get rid of the harsh tones in your hair and get the desired bleached look you are going for. A toner is a special type of hair chemical which eliminates the brassy, orange, copper, or red tones in your hair.

There are different toners available for different hair colors, but for brassy and orange tones, you need to use a cool colored toner, which is going to neutralize the harsh warm orange tones and make your hair look lighter and blonde.

Use Hair Oil

Some hair oils, excluding argan oil, have the tendency to change their color when they are applied to wet hair and then blow-dried. You can use this tip as a last-minute hair fix if you see a sudden brassy color appearing in your ombre. You can use hair oil on damp hair and then blow dry it on moderate heat.

The hair oil will start to darken and change its color in your hair and you will see that the harsh orange tones are gone and you are left with beautiful and evenly colored hair.

Purple Shampoo To The Rescue

You might have heard of this tip a lot. Whenever you get your hair bleached to a lighter ombre, you will be advised to use a purple shampoo and conditioner. The purple-colored shampoo has a cool undertone and it is going to gradually treat the brassy tones in your hair.

Purple shampoo works and you will see more evenness in your hair after using it for a suitable amount of time. It’s something you will need to incorporate into your shower routine if you plan on keeping the ombre or balayage for a long time.

Use Sulfate-Free Products

Color-treated hair can be easily damaged and the color can be ruined by the wrong products. This is why you need to invest in sulfate-free shampoos and other hair care products. Sulfate can also ruin your perfectly good ombre and turn it brassy. This is because of the chemical reaction of the bleach and sulfate, which results in a brassy and orange mess, which is not pleasant at all.

Sulfate-free shampoos will not only prevent your blonde ombre from turning orange, but it will also protect your hair color and make it last longer.

Get The Damage Reversed Professionally

If you are scared about doing toning by yourself, then don’t do it at all. Go to a salon and let professionals and experts deal with the mess. Your ombre turning brassy or orange is not your fault per se. It is a natural reaction to occur when you bleach your hair and it most commonly occurs in people who have extremely dark hair.

The real fault lies in the development of the bleach and doing it in a hasty manner. So, don’t try anything at home until or unless you are sure of the results and have done something like this before. Otherwise, just go to a salon and let them deal with your hair.

The Right Technique For Bleaching

To prevent your hair from turning brassy in the first place, it’s best to bleach it in intervals. You might need to go to several appointments and get your hair bleached gradually and after the hair has been completely stripped of its color, only then your hair is ready for application of hair dye to give it that infamous ombre look.

Bleaching is not something that should be done in one sitting otherwise there might be a lot of toning involved, for rectification.


There you have it! These tips will make your hair go from nothing to something. Your hair will dramatically transform and the ombre will look so much better. To be on the safe side and avoid this in the future, get hair highlights from hair salons specializing in color Rockville.

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