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Easy tips for getting hotel rooms at the cheaper rates

Accommodation is a big chunk of a travel trip and it comes next to air tickets. In the internet, one can see different sites offering different rates for the same room in a particular hotel. Based on this, one may be thinking that searching the internet for room booking is waste of time and energy. To make things easier for a person who plan to go travelling, i am furnishing below some tips which will be helpful in finding out   good and satisfying in  hotel rooms for travel  purpose.

Sign in for savings

By spending one minute for signing up a hotel booking site, one can avail great discounts offered by the hotel to its serious members. There are booking sites that offer reward programs. If you are scared of your inbox flooded with emails, you can opt for a one-time-sign-up. After getting the log-in id you can click unsubscribe button and be free from all emails thereafter.

Make use of best search engines

You will be knowing that all the hotel booking services are not equal in many aspects. The rates for the same hotel in different sites may be different. So make it a point to go to the sites which consistently offer the better price for hotel rooms. In addition to this, reserve the hotel rooms as early as possible for best deals. Waiting for the last minute for booking hotel rooms has been found to be huge gamble.

Avail great rates by booking in advance with free cancellation

Most booking sites allow the facility of free cancellation on most of its listings.    Make sure about the availability of free cancellation offer and the period during which the offer will be valid. There are some other sites which offer even better rates if you book a non refundable rate. This benefit can be availed only if you can plan in advance and stick to your plan without any changes for trivial reasons.

Collect your reward points

Major hotel chains are offering reward points that can be earned on booking rooms which can be exchanged for free room bookings or upgrading the existing rooms when enough of them have been accumulated. One may not be aware of the fact that hotel booking sites are now providing loyalty programs also. The benefit is that you can earn points while staying the room of another hotel chain also. The only requirement for availing these points is that you should book through the same booking site. Some hotels provide one free night for those who have booked 10 nights in different hotels of the same hotel chain. Most hotels are well connected   and are allowing to earn points through credit cards, car rentals, flight tickets, online shopping etc.

Get membership discounts

Many booking sites which do not deal with hotel bookings are providing discounts on hotel bookings also. You only need to enter your membership card number or code in the coupon box provided for this purpose. Programs that offer discount of this type includes membership of hostelling international, hotel chain and car rental sites, international identity card of the students etc.

Use region specific search engines:

Often there is a chance for broader search engines to miss smaller regions. So it is always better to use region specific search engines. For example it is better to use some specific search engines for hotel bookings related to Australia and New Zealand. Similarly there are special search engines which are generally used for searching hotel rooms in Asia, Europe and other regions.

Try bidding or last minutes deals

Mystery deals take place when hotel names are revealed only after making the payment after getting good discount. Bidding is a commitment to a particular rate at all times. Price bidding can be considered as a virtual auction by which one agrees to book the room on all occasions at a particular rate.  Websites that offer mystery deals are those supporting price bidding.

Last minute deal

Last minutes deals are provided by hotel owners to rent out their un-booked rooms. Many hotel room booking sites are having a page for last minute booking also. But it will be good if one can keep away from such tricky situations and travel safely and happily with proper planning and advanced hotel room booking.

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