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9 Questions You Needed Answered Before Choosing A Paint Protection Film

Paint protection films can keep your car’s outer paint layer safe from lots of different types of damage. Getting these films installed is usually the first thing that many new car owners do. But many drivers also have lots of questions about car bodywork protection films that they need answered.

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about paint protection films used on cars.

Can they be waxed?

Yes, waxing your car with paint protection film on should be perfectly fine. But there are certain chemicals that the wax should not contain if it is to be applied on a car with paint protection film on. Waxes containing dye are also not the safest option for your car.

That is why you should ask the PPF installer about the type waxes that you can use with your specific paint protection film applied on the car.

Do they come with warranties?

The paint protection films do come with warranties, but the length of the warranty that you will get depends on the manufacturer, and the quality of the PPF that you are investing in.

However, make sure that you get the PPF installed by a certified professional from the manufacturer. Doing this is essential if you have any plans of claiming the warranty if anything goes wrong. Applying it by yourself, or from an uncertified professional voids the warranty.

How much maintenance does it need?

Paint protection film generally does not need any particular maintenance. But you can always treat it inward or twice a year to get extended life out of it. This way, the film remains really easy to clear if anything goes wrong.

How do I treat it? Well, there are PPF sealants sold separately by the manufacturers that you can use to treat the film. However, there is no need to overdo it when there are no scratches on your vehicle whatsoever.

Does their color degrade over time?

Many drivers usually ask whether their paint protection film would go yellow due to color degradation over time. The answer is, no! Manufacturers of PPFs give warranties of up to 10 years on their products, and fading is one of the things. So, if your car’s PPF fades before that warranty expires, you can get a replacement for it by claiming the warranty.

What type of scratches can be covered?

This is also one of the most commonly asked questions about paint protection films. Usually, the thickness of a PPF coat is 13 microns, so it can self-heal if the scratch is less than 13 microns. However, if the stretch is deeper than this, the film will not heal to repair the scratch. That is why you should never overestimate the power of a PPF.

Can it be installed on the windshield?

Well, that is an unfortunate no. Installing a paint protection film is only recommended for paint of your car, and not for the windshield or any other glass for that matter.

Refractive index of the paint protection film is much different as compared to the windshield glass. This can cause distortion, and create a lot of issues for the driver.

Can I apply PPF on the lights?

Yes, it can easily be applied in the lights of your vehicle as well. The process is the same as described above to protect the paint of your car.

Is auto car wash okay with PPF on?

After the first application of PPF on your car, you can get the car washed at an automatic car wash fearlessly after 2 days (or 48 hours).

But automatic car washes can still be a bit hard on your car’s outer surface. That is why hand car wash is still recommended.

Can i pressure wash my PPF applied car?

Yes, pushing a pressure Wash also becomes safe after waiting for almost 48 hours from the application of paint protection film. You should at least give the film some time to settle down on the surface of your vehicle.

These were some of the most frequently asked questions about the application, usage and maintenance of PPF people ask 3m paint protection film installers Springfield. They are always a good investment if taken care of properly.

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