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The best materials for kitchen countertops

The first step to a modern kitchen is the option of a countertop surface material that suits your lifestyle. Your counters are where cooking really occurs, after all. So, talk about it with the best granite installers in town.

There are more options in 21st-century kitchen architecture and they look better than ever before. Laminate, Sturdy Surface Stone, Marble, and Granite are the 4 best kitchen countertops.

Top kitchen countertop materials

When making your decision, each of these counters has distinct strengths and disadvantages that you need to remember. It’s just a matter of matching the correct material to each person.


This non-porous acrylic comes in infinite looks, so if that’s a monochromatic statement or a playful fashion scheme, it’s perfect for those who like to go crazy with colors and patterns. Any of its pros include: impervious to stains of coffee, alcohol, and permanent markers, scratch-resistant, around half the price of other counters, non-porous for exposure to bacteria, and a wide range of colors available.

It has some cons, though, too. Some of them include a matte look that certain homeowners dislike, laminate counters can look aged earlier than others, clear seams on the edges, standing water may get under the laminate, flammable laminate, not having the same range of layout as granite.

Solid Surface Material

Solid-surface material is now considered quite mid-tier, once known as the premium, luxury countertops, but it is still an outstanding option for mid-range kitchens. In high-end kitchens with a lot of countertop area, it can also be a decent material that would be exorbitantly expensive to cover with granite or quartz.

It has all of the benefits of laminate, but in a design that is more high-end. One of the strong surface benefits homeowners enjoy is that it is easy using the same surface for the countertop and the back-splash without revealing a seam between the two.

It can also sand the surface to prevent damage and have a fresh look, has resistance to bacteria, and has a wide range of colors available. But the only downside appears to be that it is pricey than laminate, easy to scratch, and has the Matte look that certain owners don’t want.


Great for low-fuss cooking, quartz needs no sealing or polishing, is scratch-resistant, and has twice the natural stone’s impact tolerance. But it’s also a little heat sensitive, so it shouldn’t have hot cookware set directly on it. When compared to other alternatives, it is still a little pricey. Quartz countertops are developed to produce an incredibly tough surface that looks like a real stone by combining quartz crystals with resin and polymers.


Granite countertops have long been associated with upscale elegance in kitchens. Although there are more deluxe options than it has ever been, for some, the perfect kitchen countertop is and will still be granite. While granite is a solid and robust stone, the genuinely distinct aesthetic flair is the real reason it stands out.

Granite countertops have a very one-of-a-kind pattern as a completely natural commodity that could Never be replicated or copied. Furthermore, the pattern depth is unprecedented, and some residents say granite almost has a 3D feel to it. To preserve its longevity, however, granite may need to be resealed annually.


Before you spend or fall in love with something, here’s a checklist of things to bear in mind. Regardless of the material you use: material size and form (as in the slab thickness, weight, and edge style), color and design, total ownership cost (not only initially, but also future maintenance cost), integration with backsplash (if the finishes match), and consistency and design, total ownership cost (not only immediately, but also future ongoing costs).

Ultiamtely, contacting granite countertop installers Durham NC can certainly be in your favour.



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