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Is It Bad To Remove Trees

Trees planted near your house or in your yards are a blessing. They provide aesthetic appeal to your entrance, provide shade and cool down your house and hence your energy costs are reduced. Apart from that they provide numerous benefits to the environment which are not hidden by all. However, trees can sometimes be a source of trouble and instant removal by a tree cutting service is needed. You should plant more and more trees but sometimes their removal is good as well. Tree removal can even come as a necessity due to danger or even personal reasons. Before you go for tree removal, you should contact a professional arborist so he could guide you best.

A good arborist will never judge you even if you want to cut good healthy trees. The reasons may vary off course, and are listed below.

Curb Appeal

Yes, trees provide an attractive aesthetic to your house, providing shade and protecting it from the sun. But what if the tree is old, sick and not perfectly healthy and pruned? That Surely can be an eyesore. Initially when the tree was planted, the area may be clear but now there are too many houses or buildings and the tree is overcrowded. You don’t understand now but the roots may get submerged underground which will cause it to die eventually. So after taking advice from an arborist, you should get the tree removed.

New Construction

Whether you want to dig up a pool, build a deck of a patio, get an outhouse built or some other new construction in your house, you will have to take into consideration the trees in your yard or garden. Call in a professional for this job and not consider the words of your contractor. What you do not know is that even if the tree is a bit far from the construction area but if the roots are spread and they get chopped for the digging, the tree will eventually lose its health and die in a year or two because its roots got weakened in the process.

Damaged Trees

Sometimes there is a severe storm or winds or natural disasters which can weaken the trees and loosen its foundation. This causes the trees to lean or become disabled. Storm-stricken trees should be removed as soon as possible because they pose a threat to your house and the nearby area and can fall and cause damage any time. They are hazardous and not safe.

Diseased Or Infected Trees

Trees also get sick, infested and catch different diseases. The diseases they catch can be contagious and different insects and fungus can also attack trees. Canker sores, powdery mildew, oak wilt, scabs, anthracnose and emerald ash borer are some of the common tree diseases which kill 100s of trees every year. The diseases are characterized by missing barks, cankers on trees and leaves, wilting and yellowing of trees, growth of mold and fungus on the bark and leaning of the tree. Infested and diseased trees will eventually die but should be cut instantly because they can spread disease to other trees and nearby plantations as well.

Landscape Issues

Sometimes the trees grow so big that they shade the whole ground hence the sunlight cannot reach the ground and grass is not able to grow in that area. Plus, shedding of the leaves in the fall season is another problem for big trees. This poor plantation of the tree demands it to be cut so the environment surrounding it can grow.

Safety Issues

Tree takes a lot of time to grow from a plantation that is around 8 to 10 years. This is a good amount of time for an area to become inhabited and developed. The big trees can then come in the way of the houses, recreation facilities, may cause problems to the neighbors by causing its branches to interfere with their entrance or windows and doors, come in the way of roads and traffic and other areas. If even after regular trimming and pruning the problem persists then it should be removed.

Trees provide immense benefits to the environment and make the world a better place to live, but sometimes you might have no options but to remove them. Get services from tree removal companies Montgomery County so the surroundings aren’t damaged during the process.

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