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How To Switch Real Estate Agents

Are you leading to a strained relationship with your realtor? Time to switch as if you are losing the confidence in your confidant, you have left with no enough reason to get along with the current real estate agent. Follow the below-mentioned steps to switch your agent:

  1. Be Professional

As you are not feeling comfortable with your current agent, you have the liberty to change him; however, staying professional makes the switching process a bit easier. Now the question arises that why this is so important to switch professionally. You need to do it professionally so that your new real estate agent feel comfortable while working with you and perceive you as a courteous person. In addition to this, your previous realtor, having more knowledge and experience about his field, may recommend you such a real estate agent who can fulfill your demands.

Always remember that a top-notch real estate agent, be it a buyer’s or seller’s agent, will always accommodate you in the best possible manner and if he is unable to fulfill your requirement then both of you should part ways with each other courteously.

  1. Understand Your Contract

If you signed a contract before hiring the services of your current agent, then consider reading your contract before ending it. Especially, read the cancellation clause at least twice. Check if you can cancel the contract any time before the expiration or you need to grant a notice before the cancellation of the contract. In the contract, normally, the duties of the buyer’s or seller’s agent are mentioned along with the obligations of the buyer or seller. So, if you feel that your real estate agent is not fulfilling his duties you can simply make a list of all grievances and can cancel the contract by referring to that list.

  1. Termination Agreement

It may be a part of your contract or you may have to create a new document. It is better to make it the part of your contract that how you want to end it. Termination rights should be clearly stated in the contract. You can also use a letter of cancellation in the replacement of the termination agreement to annul the agreement. Read the cancellation clause of the contract to analyze what are the possibilities to conclude the agreement. Always make sure to get a signed letter of cancellation from your realtor so that you can have a testimony that you parted ways with your real estate agent legitimately.

  1. Stay Firm When You Take a Decision

Although it is difficult to gauge how your real estate agent will react when you inform him about the decision to move on; nevertheless, once you have made the decision, stick to it. Your agent may try to bargain with you or even try his luck by persuading you. Even though, there is no need to get influenced by the ideas or proposals given by the real estate agent as there is no need to wait for so long during the house buying or selling process.

Reinforce and reiterate that the decision, you have made, is final and try to satisfy your realtor that it is the best possible decisions not only for you but also for him. Good communication skills are the key to handle such a situation. So be frank and courteous when you talk about why you want to and the contract.

  1. Choosing the Next Realtor

Now, let’s talk about how to choose the new real estate agent as you have already wasted your time by picking the wrong one. Don’t make it a herculean task by searching all over again. Instead, consider using the below-mentioned tip to save your time:

Hire from the same agency: If you hired your previous real estate agent from an agency then ask from the same agency to provide you another agent who can fulfill your requirements. Not switching the agency may help you to save your time a lot. Even if you show your intention to hire the real estate agent from the same agency, it will help you to save your time during the termination process of the previous agent. Even there are chances that you may start the termination and the hiring procedures simultaneously.

So, what you are waiting for. Save time by hiring a top-notch buyer’s or seller’s agent to compete the buying/ selling process in no time.

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