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What You Should Do When Wheezing And Experiencing Shortness Of Breath

Shortness of breath, wheezing and asthma are very common breathing problems, which mostly occur in people with weak respiratory systems and in people who have a lot of allergies. You doctor may recommend allergy testing to know which allergy it is and what’s its cause. Here are some things you can do, when you experience shortness of breath or wheezing.

Different Shortness of Breath Disease

People with allergies and who suffer from difficulty in breathing can have one of the following breathing complications.


Wheezing is a strong whistle-like sound you make when you have difficulty in breathing. Wheezing can be caused by a weak respiratory system as well as people who suffer from allergic reactions. People who suffer from hay fever are mostly seen and heard wheezing. Wheezing is normally caused by blocked and narrowed-up airways. The air fails to come up the shortened and narrowed airways, which causes you to make whistling noises. The narrowing of airways can occur by over-exertion and failing of the lungs to contract and expand to the best of their ability.


Asthma is a very common breathing disorder which occurs in people who have allergies. Asthma is the inability of your lungs to take in oxygen, which causes you to feel that you are running out of breath. People with asthma mostly use a contraption known as an inhaler. The inhaler helps the lungs to be able to take in air again. Inhaler makes the lungs less contracted and it enables you to breathe again.


Dyspnea is generally shortness of breath. It mostly occurs in people who have heart diseases and lung diseases. Dyspnea can occur if you overexert yourself, push yourself too hard, run too much or if you have low hemoglobin levels in general.

(Although COVID-19 also causes shortness of breath but it is outside the scope of this blog. However, if you are experiencing shortness of breath during the coronavirus pandemic, get tested for COVID-19.)

What To Do When You Experience Shortness Of Breath?

Here are some things you can do instantly to combat shortness of breath or wheezing.

Try Deep Breathing

Shortness of breath is caused by a lot of reasons. One of the reasons can be your low hemoglobin levels. Hemoglobin is responsible for transporting oxygen in your body. Having low hemoglobin can cause shortness of breath if you over-work yourself. One thing you can do to instantly reduce shortness of breath is deep breathing. Deeply inhaling oxygen, through your nose, will help to add oxygen in your blood. Keep the breath in yourself for some time, and then let it go though your mouth. Trying this out 10 times will help to reduce shortness of breath and you will feel your breath coming back to normal

Stop Any Kind of Activity

Shortness of breath, as explained by allergy doctors, is also caused by over-exerting yourself. People who have shortness of breath are advised not to do cardio and blood pumping exercises, as it can cause wheezing and shortness of breath. What you can do, if you are experiencing any sort of difficulty in breathing is to immediately cease all types of activity and sit down. If you don’t sit down and keep over-doing yourself, the blood may fail to reach your brain and you can faint. This is not a good condition to be in. so whenever you feel like you are running out of breath, immediately sit down and breathe deeply.

Steam Therapy

People who suffer from shortness of breath need to try steam. Steam therapy with essential oils like mint and eucalyptus will help to open your airways and will help you to breath easily. All you have to do is deeply breathe in the steam filled with essential oils and you will see a huge difference.

Finding the Right Position

When sleeping, you need to make sure that you are sleeping in the right position. The optimum position when sleeping is laying down on your back with your head elevated and your hands rested on your abdomen instead of your chest. This sleeping position will help with regular breathing and you will hopefully not feel any sort of difficulty in breathing or wheezing in general in this position.

These tips will help to alleviate and normalize your breathing. Making sure you know these habits can save you from a lot of problems. Moreover, find allergy doctor Germantown for proper treatment.

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