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8 Secrets Your Divorce Lawyer Is Not Telling You

Gone are the days when husband and wife dearly loved each other, disregarded each other’s shortcomings and focused on the positives to lead a happy life till death apart. Nowadays, people care for themselves first and that is the reason for an extreme increase in the divorce rates. Most of the marriages are ending in divorce which means more business for divorce attorneys.

When you visit a divorce lawyer, it will obviously be your first time as no one is experienced in filing for a divorce, you may not be shown the full picture. The divorce lawyer generally will hide a number of truths from you and paint for you a positive façade for which you will place your blind trust in your lawyer. So, before you head towards the lawyer’s office, read below to find out what may be hidden from you.

It Is Going to Cost A Lot

Divorce is a filthy process and the people in between (read lawyers) make it even filthier by snagging money out of your pockets. They charge for each and every second they spend looking at your files and studying your case. So, you are going to pay a lot more than you imagined. This may even lead you to cut and watch your expenditures and use up your total savings.

Doing Your Paperwork Is Beneficial

Most of the time of the lawyer is spent on collecting your documents and making your files which includes your case and financial assets. Doing these yourself and keeping all the documents ready will actually save a lot of time and also save a lot of your costs.

Search for Different Lawyers and Negotiate

Divorce makes you go through emotional trauma that you just want get over with it fast and you just start with one lawyer that you find. You are putting your money at stake, every layer with sweet talk with you and conquer you depressed state of mind but think logically and go to different lawyers and negotiate the price till it is reasonable for you.

Mediation Is Also A Way

There are many mediators and arbitrators working under the lawyer who charge half of what the lawyers will charge you and do your paperwork and navigate your files. Your divorce lawyer will hide this fact from you in order to make the maximum money from you.

Every Divorce Does Not Need to Be Contested

There are 2 types of divorces, contested and uncontested divorce. Contested divorce is more complicated where you and your spouse are literally enemies and there are issues of financial division, child custody and asset division which needs to be settled before a judge in court and one party will need to fight for their rights. The other is an uncontested divorce where mutually the both parties can settle their differences out of court and agree on any things and divide their assets fairly with each other. This will require a lawyer just for the paperwork to be submitted in court and hence save a lot of money. A lawyer will never advise you to settle out of court.

A Flat Rate Fees Is Actually More Than You Bargained For

Family lawyers will make you believe that they are doing you a favor by offering you a flat rate fees and will be doing all the work from start to end, but what they do not tell you is that your case may not be complicated enough. It may be a simple case without too much issues and could be done without costing much for which they are taking a lot.

Negotiating Personally Is More Beneficial

Every small issue does not need to be taken to court but smaller issues can be settled out of court with each other. A divorce lawyer will urge you to discuss each and everything in court so he could mint more money.

They Are Secretly Hoping You Will Not See Their Bill

A divorce lawyer will charge you for each and everything which even includes phone calls, the time and mileage spent to and fro the court and every second spent on you. It will be difficult to calculate the cost this way and you never know how much time they are adding in your bill and how much they actually spent. However, choosing reliable and cheap divorce lawyers Fairfax VA may help you save some money.

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