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Some hardcore truth about vaping you should know

In case you have been thinking of kicking your smoking habit, know that you are not the only one. According to researches, about 7 out of 10 smokers say that they want to quit altogether. Indeed, saying goodbye to cigarette smoke is the best thing that you can do for yourself in terms of health. After all, smoking harms every body organ which also includes your heart. Doctors say that nearly one in every three deaths due to heart disease is a result of cigarette. However, vaping is not as simple as regular cigarettes. Apart from the 510 thread batteries, there are a number of components in a regular vapes that need care and maintenance.

Since it is considered to be “relatively healthy”, you may be considering to turn to mini-tank vapes. In that case, this article is for you!

Some vaping facts that you should know

In this article, we put together several truths about vaping to debunk the myths. This will give you a clearer insight into vaping, in case you are planning to start. These include:

Vaping is not as harmful as traditional cigarettes

Vapes make use of chemicals, flavouring, and nicotine to develop water vapour which is inhaled. The nicotine in vape liquids is extracted from tobacco. Regular cigarettes contain more than 7000 harmful chemicals (which is a big number if you ask). Out of these, many chemicals are extremely toxic to the human body.

As for yet, there is no definite list of chemicals that we know are present in e-cigarettes. However, we can say for sure that e-cigarettes expose people to a lesser number of toxic chemicals!

Vaping may still be bad for health

The primary agent in both regular cigarettes and vapes is nicotine, which is addictive. This is the prime ingredient in cigarette smoke that creates an urge and withdrawal symptoms in case that urge is not satisfied.

Nicotine, however, is not healthy for the body. It is quite toxic and raises the blood pressure along with a spike in the adrenaline. As a result of this, the heart rate increases significantly which also increases the risks of heart disease. Furthermore, it may also cause problems like sinusitis.

Hence, we may call it a healthier alternative but not the healthy alternative.

Vapes can be just as addictive

Since nicotine is highly addictive, and that is also the primary ingredient in vape juices, hence vaping can be addictive too! According to researchers, nicotine can be as addictive as cocaine and heroin for many people.

However, users get a lot of range including low-strength cartridges that contain a lesser nicotine concentration or high strength cartridges.

Not the best way to quit smoking

E-cigarettes and vapes are widely marketed as the number one fix that will help you in quitting cigarettes. However, this may not be true at all. According to some research, many people who turned to vape to kick smoking off ended up using both e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes. After all, nicotine is present in both of them (unless you choose a nicotine-free juice).

Vaping is getting the new generation hooked

Since vapes are marketed as safe, an increasing number of young people are making use of e-cigarettes nowadays. This even applies to those who never used traditional cigarettes in the first place. As a result of this, the new generation is highly hooked to nicotine which is often present in vape cartridges or e-cigarettes juices.

Ending note

Just like with everything else, vapes and e-cigarettes must be used in moderation. In case you are planning to start vaping to kick smoking off, know that it’s not that simple. Firstly, vapes can be expensive (depending on the brand and quality). Secondly, you will have to carry out routine maintenance such as replacing the vape pen battery 510. So in case you are choosing to go down this road, know what to expect!

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