Common problems you can face on your wedding day

So your big day is coming up, and everything is going as planned!

You have figured everything out starting from wedding rental packages to your budget. Moreover, all preparations for the ceremony, reception, and after-party have been made already.

While you might be thinking that nothing could go wrong, the truth is that unexpected events often arise. Perhaps, that is the thing about unexpected issues. After all, they can be unpredictable and often seemingly arise out of the blues.

A list of common wedding problems

In this article, we list down the common wedding problems that you might face on the day of your wedding along with potential solutions.

Irreversible damage to the wedding dress

Damage to the wedding dress could make any bride burst into heavy tears. A clumsy attendee might spill some red wine or your dress, or it might get caught in a nail while you are walking.

However, know that your world has not ended!

In the case of spilled drinks, you can use stain removal wipes. These wipes are primarily designed to take off stains completely if used quickly. Hence, they may come in handy in unfortunate spilling incidents.

In case a part of the dress gets ripped off by getting caught in a sharp object, consider using fabric tape to hide the tear. Chances are that you may find some time to quickly get it sewn. If not, a fabric tape will get the job done just right!

Getting feet sores

Your wedding shoes may be prettier than that of Cinderella. However, often at times, wedding shoes are not comfortable enough which results in foot pain and sores.

In case you have not worn your wedding shoes previously, chances are that you may experience some unexpected sores on your feet near the middle-end of the ceremony.

In case you have an after-party planned with lots of music and dance, you will need some comfortable spare shoes. For events after the ceremony, the spare pair of boots do not necessarily have to match your dress. After all, no one is going to notice your feet underneath that wedding gown.

Excessively drunk guests

For many people, weddings are a social event. Hence, they would want to have drinks and enjoy their time.

However, problems may arise when some guests have had too much. Soon, all the repeated toasts of champagne begin adding up. This especially applies to those guests who have a low alcohol tolerance.

In case some guests start getting rowdy, ask someone to take them out for some fresh air. On such an occasion, they need to be reminded that they are getting a little inappropriate. Often at times, however, it leads to more trouble as the drunk guest may not take that well. In this case, ask the bar staff to stop serving drinks to them.

Unexpected weather conditions

This is one of the things that we cannot really foresee. Even though weather forecasts are reasonably reliable, often at times they turn out to be wrong. In case you have an outdoor event, and it rains, the only solution is to arrange enough umbrellas beforehand.

Well, a wedding under the rain with umbrellas sound quite romantic anyway. So, you have not got enough to lose anyway.

Perhaps arrange umbrellas that are coordinated with the dresses of the bridesmaids. Or, go full black as that looks quite classy.

For the after-wedding-party, you may also use a waterproof tent as a precaution. However, this may add up to your costs. In this regard, you may want to look for inexpensive wedding tent rental packages Maryland.

Ending note

The above-mentioned problems are quite common in wedding parties. Since they tend to arise unexpectedly, it is always advised to take some precautions beforehand. In case the right precautions are taken, they may have little to no impact and the events of your wedding shall continue seamlessly!

Important advantage of cohabitation are explained

A major question for which an answer is urgently required for the youth all over the world at present is to know whether to choose cohabitation or love marriage? Love marriage has been the practise for quite some time and is accepted as a normal thing.   Living together or cohabitation is a new concept which has not been accepted as a normal thing. After great consideration and arguments living together has been accepted as an interim step during which period one is able to determine whether to proceed with marriage or leave it after some time.

Know about cohabitation

This period helps to understand whether the proposed partner is willing to spend the rest of his life with you or not. In other words the period of living together has been accepted as an intermittent period in which the proposed bride and bridegroom live together and try to understand whether they are having the same thought processes, ambitions and plans about the future life.  In this article I am going to examine some of the key features and advantage of living together so that one can understand them clearly and accept it as it comes in his way during his initial days of family life.

Helps to understand whether you are compatible

Living together provides an opportunity for both the parities to understand whether the other person’s attitudes and perceptions about love and life are of the same type as that of the other one. It can simply be said that it helps in understanding whether the couples are compatible with each other. One will understand how to handle some special habits of the partner like sleeping with switched on TV, hogging the sheets etc. It also helps one to understand how to share life with the other one.  If you are not able to adjust, luckily there is a way out for you as it is not too late and the wedding bells have not started ringing yet. Most people thing living together as a taboo, without understanding this practical and useful aspect of the system.  As everybody knows marriage is not a walk in the park and every possible step has to be taken to prevent the possibility of mismatching. As live in relation is a safe step in this regard, people are progressively getting attracted to this system.

No need to fear the stamp of legal separation

When a marriage becomes incompatible the only way out is to opt for divorce.  It is true that divorce helps one to end the horrible married life where husband and wife are at loggerheads always, but it leaves on you the most dreaded stamp of a divorcee. This stamp makes other people little hesitant to start a new relationship with you. But in a cohabitation system when it is not working satisfactorily, the partners are at freedom to come out of it at anytime they wish. It is hassle free and no legal procedures are involved in it or relatives will not dig their nose into your life.

Freedom to end anytime, if it is not working

In married life problems often starts without any reason at all. But, in cohabitation it is very easy to end everything the moment one of you decides so under mutual agreement thus giving you an opportunity to try and find someone better.

Marriage is not felt as a scary deal

It is often found that marriages often fail because one of the partners fails to understand its seriousness. Another problem with marriage is that one of the partners feels that the spouse is not matching to him/her. Universal increase in divorce rate is another thing that contributes to the apathy of youngsters to this noble institution. Living together helps one to understand how it will go once you get married. This decreases the fear about marriage.

Deeper bonding

Live- in relationship helps you to form stronger and deeper bond than in a normal relationship.  Your partner’s likes and dislikes become your likes and dislikes. Live-in relationship helps one to find out how one can keep his individuality and adjust in married life by properly understanding the likes and dislikes of your partner.