8 Questions To Ask Masonry For Patio Installation

As summers are just around the corner, it’s the right time to hire a patio contractor for your patio installation. A patio is a perfect place to relax and have small parties in summers.

Hiring masonry contractor

You can also hire a masonry contractor for this purpose. But, can you just hire anyone and trust him for your home? Not all masons are professionals and expertly trained in their fields. You need someone who would not compromise on their work.

Patio installation contractor

Before you hire a patio contractor or a masonry contractor, here is a list of some top questions you should ask him to be satisfied.

  1. Are You Certified and Licensed?

This is the first question you should ask your patio contractor. Licensing and certification prove that the contractor has earned his level of professionalism and is skilled and trained in his job to get a license. This also removes suspicions of fraud and scam as now you can trust the person and masonry company.

  1. What Is Your Level of Experience?

The level of experience is also very important. A contractor who has done many projects and contracts will be an expert and will the ins and outs of his work and there will be no space for mistakes and faults.

  1. Is Your Company Insured?

The company should be insured and should carry liability in case of an accident occurs on site or of any of the employee. If the contractor or company is not insured then you will be paying the damage for any mishap or sudden accident.

  1. Do You Provide Estimates?

It is very important to discuss the cost of the total project beforehand so that you Do not end up paying extra. Some companies provide free estimates of the total work and then you can decide according to your budget.

  1. Do You Offer Fixed Costs?

Some companies and contractors offer fixed costs while some tell the costs in the end after the project is complete. A fixed cost is always best as you know what you will be expecting while you do not know what the end cost will be in variable costs.

  1. Do You Have Any Reference Clients?

Have 3 to 4 referrals is always good for your own satisfaction. You may go to the reference provided and ask them about the quality of the work provided by the patio contractor.

  1. How Will Go on With the Installation Process?

The patio installation is not a simple step but a whole process. You will have to ask all the details regarding the installation and the fixtures and not look at the aesthetic appeal. You need a strong base for your patio to last a long time.

  1. How Much Time Will You Take?

You should also inquire about the time period of the whole installation beforehand so you have an idea when the project will be completed.

These questions will surely help you in choosing the best masonry contractor long island.

Care for Your Hair Extensions the Right Way

It doesn’t matter if you are using synthetic or human hair because the most vital thing to know after you get hair extensions is how to properly care for them. If you don’t care for your extensions properly, there is always the risk that you will damage not only your extensions but even your own hair. The more attention and love you give to your extensions, the longer they are going to last.

Important things to know about hair extensions

You will have to come up with a regular routine of washing, conditioning, and brushing your extensions. Choose a high quality soft-bristled brush. Brush as often as you can to keep tangling at bay while keeping the hair shiny. However, make sure that you are gentle with the extensions, and avoid pulling on them. It is extremely essential to choose hair care products which contain natural ingredients only with no parabens or sulfates. You might also want to stay away from items with chemicals like alcohol that can make the hair dry.

Ideal Hair Care Tips for Your Extensions

First of all, make sure that you clean your extensions by shampooing it. Even though extensions don’t really get as dirty and oily as real hair, washing your extensions remains to be a very essential step of its care routine. Before you shampoo, detangle it first using a brush. With the use of a good shampoo, gently lather at the roots before you work down the hair. Never forget to rinse, by the way.

After you finished shampooing, the next thing to do is to use a good conditioner to protect and moisturize the hair. You will want to apply it to the ends instead of the roots. Conditioning can leave the hair stronger and much more manageable, and if you can choose a conditioner mean for extensions specifically, you can be sure that it will not cause any slipping.

Once you are done shampooing, conditioning, and detangling the hair, allow it to hair dry. If you have to hit this using a blow dryer, always do it at low heat. In addition, see to it that you have thoroughly dried the hair before bedtime.

Hair extension care tips

Choosing the right conditioner and shampoo is important to lengthen the lifespan of your European hair extensions. See to it that you conduct your research first to know what is in the products before you use them on the extensions.

What are the parts of crane truck?

A crane truck in simple words is a truck in which crane equipment is attached.  The hydraulically powered crane is used for lifting and lowering objects heavy in weight.  Crane truck operation is not a simple matter. For this specially trained operators with at least 1000 hours experience are needed. Only such persons will be employed by a crane rental near me company  for meticulously  following the safety procedures and to avoid major accidents and consequent loss of life and injuries.

Different modes of operation of crane trucks

In construction of multi storied buildings and in many other fields like telecommunication and power supply the cranes have become very essential.  Cranes attached to trucks normally operate in three basic manners. In the first case it operates as a balance crane, which pivots about a fulcrum and lifts the load. In the second case a pulley system is provided and it acts as a jib crane that performs lifting and lowering motion with the help of cables. The third type is hydraulic crane in which hydraulic system is used for providing pressure for lifting loads.

Important parts

Crane truck comprises of a truck portion to which a crane portion is attached. The basic parts of a crane truck and its descriptions are given below.


Crane boom is the most recognizable part of a truck crane.  This is the arm of the crane that is used to lift or lower a weight or a heavy material needed for some specific purposes like construction or telecommunication work.  It operates in three different manners as explained above.

Rotex gear

Rotex gear is situated under the cabin and it allows the cab to turn the bottom of the crane with the help of a hydraulic motor.

Operator’s cabin

Operator’s cabin is situated on top of the chassis of the truck. Inside the cabin the operator can sit safely and operate the cabin. Operator’s chair, cranes control panel. Electrical equipment etc are inside the cabin. Operator controls the crane with the help of joysticks.  Left, right, forward backward movements can be controlled by  the operator.

Detachable counter weights

Cranes back is the position for placing detachable counter weights. This helps the crane to maintain its balance while lifting weights.  There is a special formula to determine the amount of counter weight needed based on factors like load and the operational angel of the boom. Most crane rental va companies use this formula and calculate the amount of counter weight needed in every case.